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  1. I'm a returning player and havent played BnS for over 1 year. I came bk and read about this new weapon system which wasn't there before. I took out all my gems that I had on my old weapon and decided to salvage it. NOT and i mean..NOT knowing you had to remove your alternative skin since its an attached weapon and I just salvaged my main weapon with it. Worst of all...It was a Scorpio Illusion Dagger. OMG, is there anyway of getting that back or is that it? I never even knew....I'm literally raging about it.
  2. Is it set each time which HM skill you unlock or is it random?
  3. Hey guys, I was wondering....what is " The Lost Hongmoon Secret Techniqiue - Volume 2 - Chapter 1 " ? When i click on the name, it says fragment = Chapter 1 + chapter 2 and that the finished product = " Retrieved Hongmoon Secret Technique - Volume 2 ". What does it actually do? I take it there is volume 1 as well?
  4. Which stage & tier of decoy is it?
  5. Right i see, is there any skills you MUST spec into then in terms of that build? I'm only currently level 27 so there will be some skills that i cant spec into till later on but just for future purposes once i get there. In terms of specing (non HM skill), apart from: Stage 1 Tier 4 - Heart Stab ( 4 Points ) Stage 3 Tier 2 - Lightning Pierce ( 2 points ) Stage 1 Tier 3 - Shadow Dash ( 3 points ) Stage 1 Tier 2 - Bolt Strike ( 2 points ) Stage 3 Tier 2 - Shadow Drain ( 2 points ) Stage 3 Tier 3 - Lighting Rod ( 3 points ) Stage 3 Tier 3 - Landmine ( 3
  6. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had an up to date Light build (perma stealth)? Considering they made a lot of changes to the skill tree and also one of the main ones like " Spinal Tap " <- no longer think its even worth putting points in it anymore. Thanks.
  7. Hey guys, I was watching some youtube guides / build to Lightning Sin (perma stealth) and seen people placing 3 points onto spinal tap which gives 6 sec reduction to " Shadow Drain ". Did they change the skill or the tree or something because i don't seem to see that anymore? In the guides / videos there are only 2 stages but now there is 3 and none of them even give that effect? I've noticed that, not just for Sin but other classes too. In terms of the skill tree actually looking different to how videos and guides show them. Where can i see the recent changes? Cant se
  8. So are you saying as time goes on, with more people getting more knowledge of how to go against Sin, other classes with more solid mechanics (i.e BM, Sum, Des) is > Sin meaning people that play Sin will require more effort (brain power) but less reward since people cant counter it and not let you do long combos / stay stealthed? Ultimately making the class itself weak and useless? I mean, i'm speaking from the perspective if you were in a 1 v 1 position where gear / skill is not the factor since its all equal but coming down to class mechanics itself. Like at the roots.
  9. So are you's saying Sum & Des > Sin until Sin gets HM skills but even then, it just makes the match up easier but still difficult for Sin. I'm talking as if both player's skill base is on equal level and just solely looking class against class.
  10. Are they really that hard? I've seen Sin v Sum videos and literally Sin just 2 shots the cat, go back stealth and literally destroy the Sum and all the Sum can do is run around trying to get the Sin off them.
  11. That is exactly what i stated in the earlier posts about Sin's. The " Risk to Reward " factor is not worth the amount of precision and effort you are required in order to play the class at a decent level? Especially since you basically stated, their tools are not as good / weaker than other classes and can easily be countered against more experienced players. Taking in what you said, even if they were to re balance out other classes and damage of certain skills etc. Sin's will still have a hard time against them bottom line since their tools and mechanics are simply weaker than other classes a
  12. So your saying Sin is complex cause they have like multiple variables / ways to open up depending on the type of situation they are in whereas most classes only have 1? And its difficult cause some people don't know which variable to pick or what? Like, what exactly makes them such a difficult class that everyone is portraying them to be? I just simply don't get it. Is it difficult because its hard to adapt to what mechanics / tools other classes have in comparison to Sin or what? As you kindly stated, complexity and difficulty are two entirely different things but 8/10 people doesn't seem to
  13. Ahhh i see, yeah it surely does make sense. I just thought you mean he solely decided not to do it or something like that. Didn't think of the farming / matching sense. Makes sense now.
  14. Your first point, i believe SIN around the 1.9k - 2k rating knows exactly what they are doing and when they are going to do it. I don't think they are just gonna suddenly throw out a random skill and force it to go on cd which opens a gap for your opponent to counter it and burst you down. So i don't think difficulty is the actual issue to their potential. Especially when you know what your doing and played the class long enough to know when to do. To your second point, I don't get why just cause he is too high in the rankings, he decides NOPE! I'm too high, time to de-rank. That a
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