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  1. Naksun help

    Recently got my summoner to 550ap and started thinking about farming naksun. Now I often find myself dying to naksun's flurry combo, since he has true sight so 4 doesn't promise survival. How should summoners survive his combo? Also sometimes he does 2 or 3 ice AOEs in a row , is something bugged with the root or cat taunt?
  2. We Need Colosium or Boss Testing Arena

    This is a great idea. It will be especially helpful for the new players to actually experience the mechanics without punishment. Should be great with bosses like yeti or be ido(nexus).
  3. Show off your characters!!

    summer waves available?
  4. Show off your characters!!

    My warlock alt (sry for the shitty resolution)
  5. When was the last Costume Rotation?

    I do wish for the last summer bikini tho(I think it's called Summer wave?).
  6. Dungeon leavers

    Sometimes I leave parties because: 1, People are halfway through a dungeon but the daily requires you to start with the first boss. 2, Blackram narrows, often I have loading screen at the end boss which takes quite a long time. People kill the boss before I get in. 3, There's a summoner bot
  7. I really am a terrible player ...

    Like said above, find friends who can do dungeons with you regularly would be the best solution. Try to find someone on your server or join a friendly clan. As for necro, the thing to do is to follow the path on the map while gliding, do not try to cut shortcut because there are invisible walls in air. Also if you hit the wall and starts falling just press spacebar and adjust your position. Good luck and hope you can complete it next time.
  8. Unpack received items

    Just NCsoft dailies, sigh..
  9. Bought Class Act Costume, cant claim.

    Same error with the new swimsuit. Ncsoft plz fix this
  10. Unpack received items

    How did you solve it? I also have this problem on EU.