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  1. Hi subscribers what do you think and feel about our current Daily Dash, are you finding it really resourceful for what your characters need? How do rank it against the one that just ended? As a subscriber what do you feel a quality Daily Dash would or should include? What could the Daily Dash do to improve or should it just stay the way it is now?
  2. Hello if you realized it or not the pants for the Female Gon's are brown tights, and the feamale Gon pant is the only one like that. in game I don't ever really see any female Gons wearing the Hong Moon Duster, in my opinion the pants or tights are unattractive so players so they wear it on their Gon females. Please consider changing the brown tights to black pants. The male Gon's would even be a upgrade in appearance to what the female has. I guess the idea was to give each race a different Hong Moon Duster but in game no wears it so the players must not like it?
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