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  1. how and why is this even allowed?
  2. yeah bees in pvp it's like a mini warlock >_>
  3. lol no and summoner needs a massive nerf too for those bees and heals
  4. the example you decided to mention does not retain to pvp since you shouldn't play light in pvp in most cases if not all. i would take the time to count each and every skill that had been nerfed, for example: smoke screen stage2 you used to be able to spec only projectile defense without heal which had lower cooldown by 6 secs. swiftstep now cannot be specced for kd rather than daze, plus it misses most the time and the hit doesn't even register. lotus kick is now an approach+ stun skill which means it's pretty useless when fighting a class that blocks approach skills, it's still useless
  5. yeah man... i used to get pretty high in pvp at least 1700 in all pvp arenas and now i can barely get the gold because i don't understand what skills are being used and also because i play sin and it seems to me they removed half of our utility it's just stupid everytime i get into a match i enrage..
  6. so after the skill system change in the stratus patch now my class is just very confusing and lacking in utility but that would be fine if my class was the only one that received changes, but no, every class had major changes and there is no patch notes saying which skills changed into what, like seriously how could there be no patch notes for this, i can't pvp anymore or even do tower of infinity because of these ninja changes you pulled off, these skill changes were just bad giving buffs to classes that already needed a nerf like bd and wl and sf
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