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  1. Gunner Class

    There is no "gunner" in the preview stream and also the Gunner class hasn't been released in KR. All that has been announced about Gunner is that is it coming this year from the Producers letter
  2. Changes to Accessories

    Yeah when i heard the news of it being removed before knowing that wasnt the case i rushed to upgrade my Ring and Earring rather than getting my Baleful Sword for my BM so i'm both annoyed and happy about it
  3. Changes to Accessories

    They're arent getting removed as Jonathan lien confirmed on twitter though they're are going to remove the Visual path of hongmoon accessories so after the patch you will still be able to upgrade it but you wont be able to see the items that you need to upgrade them
  4. Had Enough !

    Right but we were given Skybreak spire way too early and not given dungeons and raids that came before skybreak spire so i think that ncsoft should take their time to allow people to get geared up by doing events and releasing new dungeons and all that so people can get geared enough to do Skybreak spire as right now a lot of people are stuck around 600 - 650 ap so what's the point in releasing more content if people arent ready for and also it's good for us to be far behind because then we dont have to wait for months and know what would be coming next as long as ncsoft announces it
  5. Had Enough !

    The gunner hasnt even been released yet in KR and Gunwon city will come once we get a story update possible in the next couple of months or in 6 months
  6. BM builds (Newbie help PVE)

    You cant get these fury tokens right now unless you buy them in the marketplace (f5) because the place where you get them is the tower of infinity which right now has another set of badges that you can get with another set of tokens and both of these badges allow you to use your rmb without cooldown for longer in one form or the other. Tower of infinity is found in Mushin's tower and it's where you fight against bots of the same or different class such as Blade master vs Blade master or Warlock vs summoner etc and it's a mish mash of PVP and PVE with 100 floors to clear. Watch this video to understand Tower of infinity
  7. BM builds (Newbie help PVE)

    As soon as your focus runs out and you have zero focus you will leave draw stance. The way i keep my focus in draw stance is using 2 and 3 if the focus is at 5 or below because 2 recovers 6 focus and 3 recovers 2 per hit allowing me to recover all of my focus so i can keep spamming lmb to get rmb so i can get my tab back. There is a item called Blue moon soul badge that recovers 1 focus per flicker hit meaning you wont ever run out of focus, so while that item is useful the only way you can get it right now is from the marketplace, if you dont have premium then it will cost 90 Fury tokens and right now 10 tokens is worth 34 gold and 99 silver, with premium it will cost 70 fury tokens