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  1. I went out to Books A Million and bought this super cool graphic novel. Would not have gotten it if it hadn't been for the extra long maintenance. I know I play too much. If it weren't for long maintenance, I'd start to forget what a tree looks like.
  2. Gunslinger would be a lot of fun. What I like about the 11 classes are that they all use different keys and right and left click coordination. People say Soul Fighter is this combination of KFM and FM, and it is, but KFM is left fingers to attack, SF is right and left click and 'F' key, and the feeling of impact when you hit is totally the opposite of KFM. If they make a Gunslinger, they'll need to come up with another way to combine the basic keys and right and left click. They might try a meter, like in Tera, where if you hold a key and the 'meter' builds, you do a different attack or a more
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