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  1. Clan Name: "Immortalis Noctis" (recruiting) Clan Master: Spajker,Bestija,Kyrija Faction: Cerulean Order (Blue) Clan Focus: Semi-hardcore (PvE and PvP) Adding: English speaking players Server: GreenHollow, Spirit's Rest, Cardinal Gates, Hao District. Additional info: WHO ARE WE We are Immortalis Noctis, a guild from Europe. Originally created by a group of friends from other MMO’s (primarily Guild Wars(1 + 2),Cabal, Aion and Rift)IN was first conceived as a semi-hardcore PvP/PvE Legion in Aion. In Aion we quickly claimed the server top spot for AP and maintained a reputation as one of the best Legions on the server..We later moved onto Rift where we secured server first on all raid launch content and world 3rd in Rift for PvE progress. After enjoying a great deal of success throughout the Aion and other MMORPG we were unfortunately forced into early retirement due to Aion falling sub numbers. However, after a long brake and years of wait Blade&Soul is out and we are making our stand there! We are currently looking for new members with the same interest in high end content to join our ranks.IN focusses primarily on Raiding progression and then PvP once PvE. Hierarchy IN runs on a Council leadership system. This means that no one person has direct control of the guild as all major decisions go through a majority Council vote. This applies for voting on pending applications as well as any in-game decisions such as awarding loot or promoting players. The aim of this has always been to ensure fairness to all of our players regardless of topic. Over the years the number of IN Council members has varied greatly, from a high point of seven in Aion, to two in Rift. But the core principle is always the same, there is no sole dictator. The current Council of IN is five strong, with two supporting Commissars, ensuring no voting stalemates. First and foremost, we offer a community that I'm sure, you will find special (in every sense of the word). We also have the general amenities that you would expect from a guild, we operate a fully functional fb page along with a voice server for voice comms. Being a part of IN will allow you to experience all of the content that Blade&Soul has to offer, either through official raid times or outside with the friends we’re sure you’ll make here! You’ll also be playing with a group of people who love raiding just as much as you! WHAT WE EXPECT - Maturity - Messing around in chat, on the forums and on mumble is fair game but during Raids we expect people to bring their 'A' game and to focus. We do not recruit under 18’s as a rule of thumb, however there have been and will be exceptions that are handled on a per case basis. As for drama, we’ll allow very little of it, if a member is intentionally causing trouble, they’ll either be demoted to trial or kicked out. If there’s been a dispute then those involved can sit down with us and explain the problem. - A Sociable Team Player - We want everyone in the Guild to excel at what they do and as with every MMO this can only truly happen as part of a team, each player's weakness is covered by the player(s) next to him. We also want you to communicate whether it's giving info to the Raid leader/ teammates or just talking to your fellow members outside of Raids. We're here to have fun and play together, we're not here to just show up at Raid start, sit in silence all night and all log off at Raid finish. - Dedication - Dedication is measured in a number of ways, the most noticeable of these is attending Ops, but we do not underestimate the value of a player who is active on the forums, helps grind materials for the Guild, even if that player can only attend our 'official' Raids once or twice a week. - A Quality Player - Simply put, we don't want idiots and people who cannot understand the concepts of the game. There is a difference between being new which includes learning how to play your class etc and being the guy who can't run out of fire and thinking that his only job is to do the most damage. We do NOT want the second type of player, but newcomers who are willing to learn are more than welcome to apply. - Open for Criticism - If you're doing something wrong, a Council member or maybe a longer-standing member of the guild will comment on it. This is not with the aim of putting you down but for you to realise what you are doing wrong and to learn and play better as a result. Don't take this as a personal insult and get defensive about it just learn from the experience and get right back on the proverbial ball. - Eager to Learn/Teach - Chances are you will meet a player that knows more than you and that is not a problem at all. What we do expect is for you to ask for help from that member and to learn how to build your character correctly for the role or situation you will be in. If you are a player who has been number crunching and testing different theories out to find what works best, there is a fair chance you will meet a player that you could help tutor/teach. Sharing your time and expertise with your fellow guild members will earn you a lot more respect within the guild than just being the guy/girl who rocks the largest amount of kills or the highest damage output. -Respect - We want people to have a laugh in-game and of course a bit of friendly abuse/banter will happen but everyone knows there is a line, so don't cross it. That applies when you’re interacting with anyone, from a council member to the general server population. -Voice Comms - Due to the large amount of (promised) group orientated content, both PvP and PvE, having a microphone is nigh on essential. You need to be able to coordinate quickly and clearly with the Raid/Group leader rather than type messages which by the time you write them you've already been killed. We understand that many people aren’t as comfortable speaking over the internet and that’s ok. However, we do ask that you have a mic ready in case you need to communicate something quickly. -Teamwork - We don't want 'stars' doing their own thing, we want people who will help out their teammates, that’s the way we win and that’s how we earn recognition. Also, in a Raid you will have a Raid leader, if you have a suggestion, whisper them. Don’t do your own thing and definitely don’t contradict them on voice-comms. This is especially true mid fight as it will cause confusion and probably a wipe, even if what you said is right and the Raid leader is wrong. -Loot - A big thing on everyone’s mind will be gear (people say it won't matter to them but we know it does). Loot in Immortalis Noctis has always been decided by Council vote, we do this as we believe it is a fairer way, we take into account a player's attendance, performance as well as other factors in order to influence our vote. If you don't get an item you wanted but another player did it’s not something to get wound up about, as with any loot system if you don’t get an item, it generally means you’ve just moved up on the list. Where at the end every active player get its share. For loot from world bosses, we would prefer to keep these items within the guild to gear all of our members faster. That being said, we will never directly tell someone they can’t sell an item (not gained in a Raid) as if it’s earned on your time, then it’s yours. End For the invite in the clan message clan leader. Ty for your time and enjoy the game :) Ign : Spajker, Mj Arkkin, The Fokes