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  1. [Suggestion] Allowing Custom Profile Avatars

    Sorry for my poor English, not my mother language.
  2. [Suggestion] Allowing Custom Profile Avatars

    Plenty of forums don't allow to setup your avatars, but have a galleries of avatars to choose from, which is welcome.
  3. Level 60 Voucher

    I'm starting to rethink using my second LV 60 voucher. I used one on my gunslinger, and put me in an unkown territory, and then I went back on my Summoner. I thought they only made your alt max level with max equipments, like with other games, not that they also make the story, and quests, done and impossible to do.
  4. Clans' members size

    I came late to B&S. I pretty much ignored it at first because my number 1 classes I love to play are DPS casters, so I was sure with B&S having a martial theme, that all the classes would be melee. Some were talking about it in my multi-mmo guild, so out of curiosity I saw their website and noticed B&S has quite a few caster classes. tried the game, like it. The thing is that the guild is close to be dead, just a very small group, a few went to more active guilds. Because the group was small, they did not mind it to invite all of my alts in in the same clan. The thing is that now with the quite small limit of max members in clans, it makes it impossible to follow my guildies who are in active clans by getting all of my alts in their clans. Also, the linking alts with mains never worked with me, so they had to invite all of my alts to get in.
  5. Larger breasts size

    More women have been playing games and MMOs since 10-20 years, now it's half of the women population who play, therefore half of the players is female . And there are plenty of reasons why people play the game, other than the breasts size, like the eastern setting, the classes being fun to play, the story, the magnificent graphics. I'm female and I spend more time admiring the view, and taking screenshots, than actually playing the game. But one aspect I think is a totally turn off is the ridiculously gross big breasts that some of the female NPCs have, and some who made their female characters with ridiculously gross big breasts. In RL, mines are small, size B, and I can assure you there is not one moment in my life when I wished mines were bigger. No, I think mines are PERFECT! Most of my alts are males, and the few females I have, I made them with the PERFECT breast size, petite.
  6. Clans' members size

    When are the devs will make bigger the max of members clans can accept? Right now it's scandalously ridiculously very small. Because of this clans generally only accept 1-2 alts, so that means having to find a clan for each of your alt, and having to do that divide your time and spread the community, when you'd rather just be in the same guild/clan all the time and play with your friends. And each of these clans expect you to be active, hard to do so when you cannot play all of your alts at the same time. MAN UP! Just rise the max members clans can accept already!!! You're just alienating the community right now.
  7. No HD Wallpapers?

    I'm on Windows 7 and I like that to make themes with the wallpapers of the games I play. I have a 24 inches HD 1920x1080 monitor that I bought 6-7 years ago, so HD is not exactly a new thing, you know; if it came out last year I could understand them not having them yet, but it's not the case here. Only the recent wallpapers of the Gunslinger are also available in HD. Am I the only one not happy of this situation, that they cannot use 99% of the wallpapers?
  8. Language

    I've been wondering, what is the language that we see everwhere in the game? I've been wondering if it's Korean, Chinese, Japanese or invented for the game. In Guild Wars I remember the signs were a language that the devs had created and had put in different places in the game. I'm bilingual, my mother language is French, and the second is English. I find that a bit of a mystery for me, and intriguing, the language shown in the game.
  9. More haircuts please!

    Generally MMOs have NPCs that can change your haircut, hair color, style of beard, etc. for ingame currency. How come Blade & Soul doesn't have one yet? It's like a... feature that 99% of MMOs have. On top of more better looking haircuts, an ingame esthetician that we can pay with ingame currency is really needed in B&S. What is the point of having 1/3 of haircuts one side pretty good and the other side shaved, which makes the combination together pretty bad? It happens too often, I check an haircut and it looks nice, then I turn it around to look the other side and I see it's shaved, guess what... PASS! Check other haircut, looks nice, turn it around... see it's shaved... PASS! Check other haircut, looks nice, turn it around... see it's shaved... PASS! Check other haircut, looks nice, turn it around... see it's shaved... PASS! See what I mean? Drives me crazy. I'm personally NOT interested in half of the head with an haircut and shaved or something else for the other half, I find that ugly and that it demolishes the good looking side with something fugly. I don't mind 1-2 of such haircut for that like that for those that like such shaved haircut, but it's too many.
  10. Free slot

    I was pondering why my guildies knew about stuff about the game I did not know, you have to look in your account options on the website, there is a place to register to their newsletters, so I registered, so now I get their newsletters, and saw the offer about the Gunner Satchel when I checked my emails. You can register too and get their newsletter too. There was no point in being mean to the OP, if I would have not registered to their newsletters, I'd be as clueless as he is and not gotten the Gunner Satchel.
  11. More haircuts please!

    I'm like everyone here working on the look of their future Gunner, and I plan to make a male Jin, but no matter what I come up with, no haircut look right, they all look silly, and I'm disappointed the number of haircut is rather limited. The game is about cosmetic after all, and the game has tons of options at creation, a lot more than other MMOs, and yet the haircuts section is rather limited. My Warlock (male Jin as well) already has the sole good looking haircut and I don't want my Gunner to share the same haircut as well. Am I the only one not satisfied with the choices of haircuts and the lack of them? I say that because I also play Final Fantasy XIV, and at launch the game has 3-4 faces and 5 haircuts, and yet in almost each patch they also added haircuts as well so now the game has more haircuts choices than Blade & Soul and most of them look good, wish I could tranfer them in B & S and use them for my Gunner. I think the devs from B & S should add haircuts through patches like Square Enix does with Final Fantasy XIV.
  12. Most enjoyable lyn class?

    Personally the DD breasts players give their female characters bother me more than the Lyn race. I have 3 alts that are Lyn race and they're so damn cute, my summoner, my force master and my blade dancer, and they're all male except for my force master, in order:
  13. Most enjoyable lyn class?

    Personally the DD breasts players give their female characters bother me more than the Lyn race. I have 3 alts that are Lyn race and they're so damn cute, my summoner, my force master and my blade dancer., they're all male except for my force master.
  14. Most enjoyable lyn class?

    I think playing one the classes unique to the Lyn race would be better, you can play Force Master or Warlock on other races. I also play Warlock as a Jin races, and my Force Master is a Lyn too. I also play Summoner and Blade Dancer. I think it depends of your playstyle. Personally I love pet classes and to play at range, so I love to play Summoner... and I LOVE cats. Blade Dancer is a melee class that combines Blade Master and Force Master so if you prefer playing with some magic and melee/tank skills at melee range you will enjoy it. I love to play casters in games and MMOs and I was surprised to see how many casters are in this game: Summoner, Force Master, Warlock, Blade Dancer, etc., which I'm playing.