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  1. everything you said might happen but not nerf the stats part. I would totally agree with you but don't think people will be happy with there stats are lowered
  2. I really don't understand the people who don't want their class fixed. If you don't play PVP then you should not say anything I bet you did not even pass silver in the arena. This patch ruined the balance this game has. Well at least ruined years of balancing.
  3. tho isn't the only point of patching and rushing is for p2w we did not need to go through from 45 content towards kr right now. they are doing that cuz of the trove and the rng boxes coming in the way. well people say it is even worse in kr. sad to see a good game killed by a bad management or greedy one
  4. i'm sorry there is no way crafting oils with this low evo rate. it need to be fixed
  5. i agree with you 100% the best thing to do is to quit this game till they have the same tier as kr then the real game starts otherwise it is just a painful bait a big painful bait. !
  6. they need to realize the game base is dying so ****** fast each update they release. people had to upgrade more stuff. I got SICK of this game I got so much sick of it. So many players are leaving and low players are joining they need to save the game stop giving us updates nothing but more boring grinding and cost reductions after so many players done upgrading their stuff. I was one of the few who loved this game and I was hoping the best for it but not anymore. and if you want to take a break for months ?! guess what!! your gear value drop right to 0 basically everyone would be
  7. it is the time to stop slaking and play the game at it is best no more hold 1 finger dps :) funny time to learn how to play the game
  8. try to send them separately
  9. sorry mate but gender locked classes are the worse
  10. it is your fault that you did not grind hard enough ~ you are getting free legendary soul why most of the people spent around thousands of gold to obtain and you here complain about 100 g maximum loss , i starting to hate this community full of crying babies tbh ~ grow up your fault that you didn't grind harder
  11. said that last time but getting too much gold = buying a lot of stuff from market to gear up !! since trove offer you ton ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ of gold ~ people like to save mats to sell it after trove and here where everything goes wrong and expensive !!!!
  12. what do you mean !? you have to accept for auto before you could even buy it and it is so simple to cancel it later
  13. you only have to do the Yellow quests + it is very important sadly you cant skip them
  14. Lol stop whining and envying other people the game is so easy right now. Do you want then to give you max geat at first day. it is too mimple also if you cant enter rooms , crate your own and tryhard
  15. it is broken first the text says soul rush ( it is wingstrom ) secondly it only apply the additional bouns only in hard cast V ( WHICH IS USELESS ) it is broken and need fix asap
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