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  1. Who wants to draw ? Lyn F model here

    nothing special Kappa
  2. New class ideas anyone?

    what about a meele with double sword :D or a meele with shield and a sword
  3. the new dc box

    so far i got 1 red gem and x2 taikhan skins ^^
  4. Events

    Can we have an event that focus only on upgrading pets and upgrading our hongmoon enery. im kinda tired of all these gems event >_<
  5. Login problem?

    10% hp left in gloomdross incursion last boss FeelsBadMan
  6. Fury Tokens

    are they gooing to be tradeable after season?
  7. Laggy servers

    please fix the server everything i log in my ping always 2k i can't even do any dungeons at all and still havent done my daily challenge at im 0/4 like c'mon... i get only 2k ms in PVE.. but when i enter in pvp its normal. i even checked my ping on and it says i have 25 <.<
  8. Pets

    Hi i have a legendary pet and ive got more than 1 character and probably im not the only one who has more than 1 character.. maybe just maybe if you could make the pets account bound? <.<
  9. Game Disconnects

    I've got disconnected twice and been trying to log in back ffor 3 hours now and its not working (EU REGION.. tried to login in NA worked perfectly But i play in EU >_<)
  10. Faction Insignia

    nah those are farmable.. but with 400ap you really can't farm SSP its just impossible XD maybe if youre a FM <.<
  11. Faction Insignia

    Time to make Faction Insignia Bound Account for alts c'mon ncsoft XD