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  1. I don't think there is any buff for that floor tho.


    The normal attack pattern at the beginning is like this

    - Pierce (red attack) -> Normal attack or charge spin -> Upper cut or jump -> Repeat.


    To avoid him instant grab u need to stay close to him before he start doing his next attack.

    Sometime even u stay far away from him but he didn't grab you because you already deal enough damage to force him to go into next mechanic phrase (either he will jump to middle or 3 jump around the middle circle)


  2. @swpz Soul belong to equipment and none of them bound to account after upgraded (or some after bought).


    If its bound to account, then soon people will ask for accessories bound to account which mean all of your alt most likely become main now.

    The only left is weapon which can be easily upgrade in current patch tbh.


    Not really a good practice its seem

  3. 1 hour ago, SillyKitty said:

    Well, I wouldn't count it out just yet, according to their announcement there will be some system updates. Now we do know that they can seperate elements of updates and release them separately.

    It prob mean for 12 man raid update.

    Crafting revamp is something huge that gonna affect the economy and it will less likely happen at the same time with gunner + 12 man raid.

    It may make the game even more buggy, too much work for bug fixing and also bringing too much update as one time doesn't bring any much profit to them tbh in a long term.


    Also I saw somewhere said there is some material only available when lv 55 patch hit, not sure if it's true.

    If crafting revamp will be on sept 13, there should be an announcement already cause some job will be remove and so on and player need to be aware of that, but I do believe they want us to focus more on new class (that's what Special Announcement mean for tho) rather than worrying about what will happen when the new crafting system come.


    So, imo I don't think Crafting Revamp will be apply on Sept 13 but somewhere at the end of this year.


  4. @Shunaia


    Spreadsheets for new crafting system


    2 hours ago, iokunn said:

    Well then I have lost my faith in this game. I just want I a good game play experience but if progression is going to be this hell ill step aside because even if i chose to play the gunner i wont be able to update my gear. Cya.

    Sorry to see you go, but it's not my problem and not like I care actually.. cya


  5. @ZESAGA 


    They do stack.


    Which one you should use?


    Usually BM will go for Dragon for PVE and Tiger for PVP.

    But there is also a case when you use Tiger for PVE as well.


    If you have BT ss 8 set and/or Riftwalk weapon prop best is Dragon Bracelet

    If you don't, tbh doesn't really matter

    - Dragon still give you slightly better dps in long boss fight

    - But Tiger give you better tool to clean mob in multiple fight in short time and have chance to get free reset from weapon.


    So its up to you, I was use Tiger for long time and just switched to Dragon recently.

    My dps indeed increase but not really that much without BT ss 8 set and/or Riftwalk weapon.


  6. 16 hours ago, xNina said:

    Ok does the devs of this game have brain? Why they put the pvp legendary ring drop from ebondrake lair and not for points or for "x" ammount of ascendance stone and battlepoint, they put it in that damn end game dungeon so only whales can get it?

    You are farming 6vs6 which is whale festival place and you complain about only whale can do EL..



  7. 6 minutes ago, Tekoek0911 said:

    why not? 

    they need to boost legendary drop rate..... i dont want to do the same thing 10000000 times  to get a good gear.

    Stop your excuse and actual farm the dam dungeon.


    I got full set for mine, for my alt and extra set for my future gunner.

    And also have enough token to exchange another set.

    Legendary drop rate are fine


    No body do dungeon 10000000 times cause they already got their legendary in couple x 10 runs


  8. 45 minutes ago, Tekoek0911 said:

    always new deungons.... and when i request peapoles to carry me they dont want... even my clan wants to have me with that 900 ap.... oh my god are you planing to keep whales only? i keep doing the same deungons every day. i cant do new deungons.... what is going on? i am starting to be mad.

    request people to carry, they don't want and you get mad?


    why they have to carry you in the first place.. are you a president or something?


    you can't do new dungeon it's your problem dude, upgrade your equipment and meet the dungeon requirements instead hoping for carry


  9. 5 minutes ago, Leande said:

    The Pvp dailies for event currencies, do you need to win or just to participate? Event seems worthwile to do but having to win games is stress sometimes.

    I'm not so sure but usually will be one win I guess, to prevent people afk.

    Create some alt that you familiar with so you won't waste too much time to get use to it, plus you get some mats for your main pvp weapon upgrade