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  1. I don't know why you have a heavy lag with that PC but anyway, if that the case u suppose to decrease the setting a little bit to improve your frame. 1. Do not chasing NPC, take the aggro instead because you are BM 2. Learn NPC pattern (most likely terror) for iframe. 3. Improve your gameplay, to be honest I don't know you, but I believe you are a bad BM, bad enough to come here and complain how bad you are. About me, I'm Wiri, a BM 690 AP If you feel I said something wrong about those 3 things above, feel free to make a video, and I will make mine to compare. Everything just to let you know, stop excuse and try hard to be better.
  2. Why do you still play this game?

    Sorry but can't explain to you why we switched faction but that's how we deal with unbalance situation and prepare for future plan. Crimson playing unfair? I don't think so because ceru have lots more members and we only have a few so we are the one should say that but anyway I can call it "fair enough" for us to take an advantages of attacking side to against you guys. The game doesn't stop us from stacking boss so there is no problem with that, and you know what, cerulean is the one who teach me that way back then when we still have enough people to organize some normal ssp run and I did bow and said thank to you for showing me that. As a crimson we try to do ssp in different way not like ceru usual way, properly because we can't do it in normal way. You want a peaceful moment in our server, that's fine for me if you can tell all of the ceru stay in one channel, I'm pretty sure we can do that on our side. Otherwise yes, we still and we will keep *cricket* you guys off because this is faction area and that's how the game design. "One faction defend the other one attack" FYI: you think we are not *cricket* off when ceru keep control all of the channel? And we have nothing to upgrade our stuff? You guys wanna do ssp, we want to do ssp also but you guys keep control all of the channel everytime everyday so that how you got a fight back. But ya I don't have time for crying here "When someone being gank by other, you better quit or fight back" - that's how nature work. I can tell cerulean they even whisper me and said "You switching faction Wiri? Our server will die now". I can tell you, you want "peace" moment but not all of ceru think the same think like that (also crimson) I think you did have a peaceful ssp you ever had in the last week but also it was a boring ssp for other cerulean (crimson) that they ever had in the last week, including myself. Combine together I can say, what we doing right now is suitable for our server. You can have your peaceful moment when there is no crimson (most of the time) When we attacking, you can just leave and wait for another time then come back and enjoy your peaceful moment or fight back, it's up to you. Again, I have no problem with you, I believe you are a great person irl, even in game, you are good as what you are now. I respect what you did and how you are, so enjoy. It just, I don't wanna sit there, cry, change faction or making some excuse reason why this why that, that's why we make some action. If you don't accept this, I'm sorry but that's how it will go unless you guys do some action on your side to support your idea. Have a good day and enjoy.
  3. Agro at jiangashi boss in necropolis

    Hm.. tks to this, interesting
  4. AP requirements.

    Watch youtube or experiences the dungeon by yourself, whatever way fit to you. Even it's easy like Lair or little bit more complicate like Yeti or whatever If you become better after that then your way always good. Whatever happened but if you learn from it then all of your failure will never waste.
  5. AP requirements.

    In this case I can say your necro party is kinda "ignorant and jerk" because they know you do that dungeon for the first time. For your last sentences, I'm not talking about any specific case, take that for general and prepare for your first time because you know you maybe left behind
  6. AP requirements.

    The situation you just bring up doesn't have any relative to anything I said earlier. In this case, I agree if someone ask for help at the beginning and you agreed to stick with them then you are suppose to help him after that. Seem like now you figure out the way to not die anymore, that's an experiences and all of new players should go through this process (failed to be success) That's a way to let you know that you need to learn more if you want to be more efficient, to become better. Again, don't complain about people doesn't want to explain it or let you know unless you wanna learn and ask for it But I still recommend you to get the experience by yourself, watch the way people doing and create your own way.
  7. AP requirements.

    Again, your lack of information and knowledge is not my fault (or youtube)
  8. Why do you still play this game?

    Well, you can just stick with your "winning" faction and farming everyday. It's up to you. I realize there is more than just farming, grinding and daily dungeon in this game. And also you can't figure out the way to balance the server doesn't mean other people can't. It a long run process not just couple days. You want to have an easy life again it's up to you. I want something more challenge than that it's up to me. No point to argument here, just a share
  9. AP requirements.

    There is a lots of youtube guide on the internet, you don't want to waste time to watch it? So why I have to waste time to explain it to you. Again I have no problem to explain the mechanic, carry or whatsoever. My point is new guys need to try to stand by your own feet instead of depend on someone else. If you just want to have an easy life, only need a fish instead of a fishing rod then I'm sorry to be rude. - You don't know what to do it is not my fault, you are suck it is not my fault. - You should feel shame of yourself when you make a party have a hard time to do because you are the one who die the most and know nothing but lazy to find a guide, and instead of doing that you start to complain about people doesn't show me what to do (wtf is this idea come from). Again your laziness, your lack of information, lack of knowledge is not my fault. I rather show my clan members a way to survive more than give them a food to eat. - I always said "You don't know what to do? Die couple time and you will know" "After you die, keep watching other people and learning" "If you still keep dieing so many times in the future run and still don't know what to do, no improvement, I'm sorry but I will refuse to carry you"
  10. Agro at jiangashi boss in necropolis

    I don't remember the boss name but I assume you talking about the boss in necro's first stage. I realize whenever I use cyclone, I lost aggro after that. So basically now I only use 3 and then keep bursting and attacking but never use cyclone for that boss. I think it was help for me to keep the aggro on that boss by doing that.
  11. About the new update

    Based on the producer's letter, the update on 22 June will mainly only focus on SF. I don't think we will have any new dungeon on that update
  12. Having trouble in Necro

    You guys have a problem because you guys only view as a range perspective. Sometime experience something different: - You are range doesn't mean you always need to stay far away. - You are melee doesn't mean you always need to keep close on the target
  13. Why do you still play this game?

    Try to balance the faction is one of the biggest issue and most challenging in this game. That is where I deep into planning and forget about everything else.
  14. AP requirements.

    @XianRen The only different is your clan member is a real gamer.
  15. AP requirements.

    Like I said, people are lazy, even low AP, most of them are lazy, want to be carry and when no one wanna carry them, guess what (1) message : New topic "AP requirements" P/s: I'm sorry for those who met the requirement but still got kick, again that party is suck, not you.
  16. AP requirements.

    I think everyone know the solution to solve their problem, it just they lazy to do and then start to complain about this and that to cover their laziness. For example: 1. Ahh I don't know what to do but I don't want to watch video on youtube because.. 2. Ahh I want to do this dungeon, my AP is kinda low and I expect carry because.. 3. Ahh I want to do this dungeon, my AP is kinda low, nobody help me but I don't want to form a party because... 4. Ahh I want to do this dungeon, my AP is good enough, still being kick, but I don't want to form a party because.. ..etc..etc.. Beside that if someone already match the requirements but still being kick then I'm sorry that party is kinda suck so you don't give a d.. with them, just make your own then.
  17. AP requirements.

    Summary: People can't get in a party. Solution: 1. If you think your AP is good enough for that dungeon but still can't find a party then => Create your own party 2. If you think your AP is lower than enough but you still can do it because you know what to do then => Create your own party or do some dungeon that suitable for your AP, upgrade your stuff so you will become (1) 3. If you think your AP is lower than enough, you don't know what to do and you expect for carry at least 1 time => Ask your friend, your clan or Create your own party, if no body help you then accept that, stop doing it, watch some youtube video guide so you can become (2).
  18. Anyone else feel this way?

    If you say but in your content that mean you already had an answer. In this case is choose another game.
  19. AP requirements.

    You playing your game not me playing YOUR game, if player doesn't even can figure stuff by themself and need "someone" else to carry them then I'm sorry again, you should quit the game. I have no problem with carrying, It just please, learn and step by your own foot, I'm not your father, I'm a normal human and have the same thing like you, nothing I can do but you can't.
  20. AP requirements.

    Usually I go with my clan members in zaiwei or I will call out my friend to go with me to do daily dungeon. I'm kinda wanna split stinger with my clan members so that's why I form a team with my server's player more than do cross server. Low AP is ok if you know what to do rather than just get in the high AP team and expect for carry. If they have the AP requirements, what's wrong with that? They just want to set up a fast run and they use AP as the filter, they don't need you so you don't need them as well. Fair enough. The thing is low AP player need to gather together and make a low AP party so you guys won't have any problem with AP requirement. That is how high AP player did before. Do they have high AP player before? -------------
  21. Another character slot?

    "Last but not least, we know that everyone is excited for the next class to be released, and we're happy to announce that the new Soul Fighter class arrives June 22. We'll be running multiple events to celebrate this milestone-including a return of the very popular XP Event - as well as offering a FREE CHARACTER SLOT to everyone for a limited time, similar to what we did during the Warlock release" Quote from http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/blade-soul-producers-letter/ You're welcome I don't know about temporary character slot? I did get a free slot from Warlock release and used it and that free slot still there up till now
  22. Items ?

    Sorry to hear that you don't wanna play BM anymore. But here what you can do is send a request via support system. They may can do thing that you won't expect they can, give it a try cause it doesn't hurt anyway. In the worst case you still can use your BM for farming mats to upgrade your new character faster
  23. Is it normal for FM to attract all aggro??

    You need a proper tank in your team. As a tanker I never let a FM take the aggro otherwise I will feel shame of myself
  24. Blade Master HM Block

    After I had bladeful legendary, I feel BM is even more broken when it can reset my HM block cooldown. Ofc you cannot reset the side effect cooldown (the one that prevent you to receive other HM block) but that one has lower cooldown than HM block so that still mean you can use HM block faster than normal. If they decrease the HM block cooldown than it's good for me but if they still keep the same, I have no problem with that cause resist movement skill that BM has right now already good enough for me to dodge all of the attack before HM is up again.
  25. BM class? a least choice among other class

    For me , least choice = more valuable HM block is one of the greatest skill BM has and I used it a lot to save my party or myself. For example: - Yeti: dodge 8 + HM block - SSP: use HM block before terror, battle boss or berserker use AOE The point here is you can become a life saver, you are independent and people need you. If you guys say you have a low DPS then I'm sorry, we are not DPSer compare to FM or warlock but I feel no problem with that (there is always have a tradeoff) Achieve something harder make you feel more proud, more valuable from it. Use your advantages and eliminate your disadvantages. When I have a fight with other faction in ssp, I usually use blade call, rush in + lightning draw while they busy kill the boss. Then to escapes I can just simply use X while in blade call mode to dodge range attack, backstep + use flashstep to get back more further + HM block, then you can safely back to your terror side. Beside that you have your team, not only you there. P/s: buff for BM is always a nice support, but for me without that BM is still good at they are at the moment. Can't be wrong if you choose BM.