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  1. You can do.. um.. daily dash.. you know.. look it spinning seem fun..
  2. Returning BladeMaster questions

    Click on link above for currently max gear and up-to-day news, but if you want a lighter version then 1. Find Pinnacle accessories, search google or look in F8 to know where is it drop. 2. Keep upgrading your main weapon or if it has a salvage icon, salvage it to get stronger weapon, finish Act V main quest to get upgradable main weapon. 3. Soul shield you can get from sogun, yeti dungeon or 15 floor (tower) or 20 floor (tower) 4. When you are strong enough, click on the link above again for end game (currently) items
  3. I'm also come back after 1 year (quit right after the merged). Here is some experiences that may help you to get back to the road. My gear was max out before I quit so in term of power, it may not suitable for you at the moment, but you can get some news from it to know how the world work right now. 1. Finish main quest + orange quest to unlock map, dungeon, obtain some mats for upgrade. 2. There is some letter quest on quest dialog, make sure you read them. 3. Join an active clan. 4. If you are at HM level, press P and assign extra point for attack or defend. 5. There is an "item path" feature in inventory (bottom left) for weapon and accessories references. 6. Look at your class top player (press F11) to see their item, then again open the "item path" feature to see how can you get it. 7. Accessories now may have element damage, choose wisely based on your skills build element. 8. Aura pet does help a lot for survival, please take a research on pet and aura system, for short, aura is for stat (HP, def), pet is skin 9. Currently there is big 6 dungeon (6 man), only them can do in hard mode in F8. - EC - Ebondrake Citadel (forget where is it, jadestone maybe) (Drop legendary ring) - DT - Desolate Tomb (Zaiwei) (Drop legendary necklace) - NF - Naryu Foundry (Khanda Vihar) (Drop legendary belt) - NS - Naryu Sanctum (Gunwon - Celestial Basin) (Drop legendary Bracelet) - IF - Irontech Forge (Gunwon - Celestial Basin) (mats for raven weapon upgrade, mats for soul badge fusion) - EL - Ebondrake Lair (forget where is it) (pvp legendary ring) 10. Currently there is 5 (24 man) kind of raid which is - MSP - Midnight Skypetal Plaints (Zaiwei) (legendary soul shield) (and legendary Draken earring) - DKV - Dawn of Khanda Vihar (Khanda Vihar) (um.. some limited mats like flower to exchange in MSP and feather to exchange in BT) - BT - Black Tower or Skybreak Spire (Khanda Vihar) (Drop strongest legendary earring, ring, mats to upgrade raven weapon, BT soul shield) - VT - Vortex Temple (forget where is it) (Main goal to reach) (Drop strongest legendary necklace, mats to exchange legendary mystic badge, mats for future weapon upgrade, VT soul shield) - SK - Scion's Keep (forget where is it) (Main goal to reach) (Drop mats to exchange legendary mystic, mats for soul badge fusion, mats for future weapon upgrade, VT soul shield 11. Only do MSP on the weekend, cause rewards is double and easier to find a party. 12. DKV, BT, VT, SK is one per week, reset on wednesday. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: - MSP for exchange temporary soul shield (ss), you can either full set of MSP ss or 5 MSP + 3 NS ss - DKV for some limited mats. (one per week) - BT for earring, ring, BT soul shield and mats to upgrade raven weapon (one per week) - VT for stronger necklace, legendary mystic badge, VT soul shield and mats to upgrade future weapon (one per week) - SK for legendary mystic badge, VT soul shield, mats for soul badge fusion and mats to upgrade future weapon (one per week) (you may get items for free (don't hope much there is freaking 24 thirsty members will drink your blood live) if run with clan member or if bid, it will be around up to thousand gold depend on whales fight) - Do DT, NF, NS daily to get a chance to get necklace, belt, bracelet (you may get item for free if run with clan member or if bid, it will be around 100g and can up to thousand depend on whales fight) - For weapon upgrade, we only have 1 weapon and keep upgrading them to the next higher tier, you can find that weapon in Grand Harvest NPC or from main quest - For current cheapest path weapon upgrade, you keep upgrading your main weapon until you reach legendary Bladeful/Seraph, then keep upgrading them to Dawnforge/Riftwalk stage 6 then next you change them to Raven 6 Finally this website is a really detail and very helpful to teach you boss mechanic also show which rewards you may get. Please seriously take a look. https://www.bns.academy/english/
  4. Blade Master HM Block resist?

    Basically: You use HM block 1. You will be safe for 5 second 2. If someone attack you within 5 seconds => HM block will auto proc again => Go back to step (1) If no one attack you or HM block already reset 3 times => Buff will be gone
  5. Need help about Legendary weapons

    1. Additional damage (Baldeful version) - When you attack, there is a chance to trigger the buff which is deal 1xx% of your AP as an Addition Damange. - Gain 10 buff, it will reset all of your skills except any skills that have a "unable to reset" in their description. 2. ^ 3. Yes, Seraph required to take damage from your enermy to be able to trigger the buff (reset cooldown and 300hp recovery) But seem like the % trigger is kinda low compare to Bladeful (trigger when u attack enermy) ------------------------------------------- Seem like you are an sin, - I think Bladeful will work best for you if you looking for reset cooldown. - But in another side, if you looking for cooldown reduction then Seraph will be suitable for you. Another thing I think u mistaken here: - Bladeful and Seraph can trigger reset cooldown after they get 10 stack of buff. - Bladeful buff will trigger when u attack, Seraph buff will trigger when enermy attack you, all of them are not guaranteed will trigger 100% - While Bladeful will trigger addition damage every stack + constant % damage for 1 skill, Seraph will trigger recover HP + constaint cooldown reduction for 1 skill.
  6. lol how about you think a way around, what do you call to a person when they are bad and keep complaining about something else like it's not their fault. For your comment, Ya sure I'm done and thanks for your nice comparison, I will play with my "demi-god" or "professional" team, friend on my server and gain more stuff, learn more and exps more. You can just keep playing with "crying", "hiding", "excusing" in your place. I have no problem with that. The only one doesn't happy in here is whoever excusing or crying in this post. Lol have a good day sir
  7. I did tell the reason because they split, that's mean they killing boar in 2 mining at the same time, so there is no way for you to get 2 boxes over here. And the thing is I don't know why but usually on my server, player they stay on the side that boar gonna show later.. For example if North boar show up first, they gonna stay at South.. So just for example summary - North boar show first but less people. - South boar show later but more people. => both boar die at the same time. There is no way you can deal some of damage on North boar and then run to the other side cause it will be too late for you to deal enough damage on South boar to get loot. If you do South boar first you have to stay until the end otherwise no loot for you cause boar gonna die real quick, then it will be too late for you cause boar on the other side already less than 40%, when you run over there it gonna be too late. Maybe some FM with high AP on my server can get 2 loots sometime but I'm not so sure about this cause I'm not usually talk with ceru Again here, you are able to get loot, that's what I trying to say to OP. 2 or 1 doesn't matter here. ------------------------ For other question: - I agreed that phrase he mention about boar but because he said he die in the early comment, I don't know if people die because of boar, so I think what he mean here is terror and boar. (If he die because of boar then I'm sorry, that's mean he has no right to complain about class, about game just because he is bad at his job, not to mention he said boar die in 10s in his server, boar die that quick and you still die? - So I assume on that phrase he mention about terror) And again I already have my explanation on one of the previous comment. - I did show GT but people said it stay for 1 minute and so on and so on but I think we can just close the topic here OP doesn't show any video why he cannot get the loot so I don't know because his server are too many people there or because of his gameplay. He doesn't show any prove to his word so I'm done here.
  8. Beast bog chest=broken

    You need a key to be able to open the chest. You can get the key from mobs in grand harvest time
  9. I think I was around 380~ something for a very first time I tank BW. Level 45 content, was a good memo..
  10. I'm done with this answer
  11. Well I made a video to prove to this owner topic because - He has the same PC (even stronger than mine) - Good ping - Stronger character But can't get loot and he kinda blaming the class. That is where I don't agree. Just want to let him know, the problem is not the class but himself. Sorry to be rude to him but sooner better than later. Other than that, I understand that melee has a hard life compare to range because of many factor. I have no comment about that
  12. A question about BMs and FMs

    At high level there is no squishy class if you know what to do with your soulshield. Both have decent skill For me the party will looking for both. If your party already have a good tank then FM is more need for more DPS. If your party doesn't have tank yet then BM is a better choice. In some high level dungeon or ssp, BM and FM are both useful for the party. While BM has Hongmoon block that can save the party from some 1-hit-K.O boss, FM can do the same job with his frozen shield. Summary: Depend on your playstyle, I can't tell Just to make sure, melee always have a harder life --------------- If I have to choose again I will still stick with my BM because BM have a good ability to become a leader.
  13. Well you can whisper me in game if you need any help because I'm from Gunma. Name: Wiri Faction: Crimson
  14. Let me try to make a video to see if I can get the credit from "30s" boar by using that 462 AP BM. Not to mention that I did all these thing to compare with the owner topic. He said he has good PC, ping with a BM 550AP (of course he has better crit chance compare to the one that I used on the vid) and still can't get credit. That's where all of these thing come from. Again, I want to prove him that the problem here is because of his gameplay (his skill), not because of something else. They give you a seed and depend on how you take care of it, it not like you make an excuse because of this because of that, it always give you a bad habit Like it not your fault it someone else fault. ---------------- Also I don't know about his server population problem, but again I believe that wasn't a problem. - He said he die (because of the boar? I don't think so), I think what he mean here is terror => That's why I made my first video because I think he can't even get loot from terror. => That is where I think he has some problem with his gameplay like lots of people having right now.
  15. ^ harder life make you become better
  16. Destroyer is a different story cause you need to stay in one place for ani-cancel. I don't have much experiences on that. What I can imaging is use fury and spam when he use a big aoe (if some melee or cat get the aggro after that then he will still stay in one place after big aoe) Use backstep, rushing skill to get close to boar when he running around. Other than that I don't know, maybe other experiences destroyer out there can help you.
  17. I missed skill, that even more worth is it? Even I missed skill, with a "suck" gameplay like that, with a low AP like that but still got loot. So I think it more worth. Thanks for point it out. Oh the lightning draw of that account doesn't have HM version, so it just 1 damage count only. I'm not sure if I missed it or not but if I did, again it even more worth. Boar gonna die really fast if people stick in one side but here they decide to split, most of people usually stay at North tower rather than South, I don't know why and usually here South boar will come first. So I just stick with South boar - Lesser people - Spawn first => More chance to get loot Again if you have low AP (even with high AP but you can try), there is no chance for you to get 2 boar over here so better get 1 rather than nothing
  18. Oh I assume that you are a summoner. I used my girlfriend account (she is summoner) and usually I stay really close to terror because I'm a BM after all. Here is what I found the advantages of stay close to terror (Ofc because you are range so stay close here mean close but outside of his melee range) - Spamming skill without worrying about be pull because Terror will never attack you (he only pull who stay far away from him) - Use 4 when he use daze AOE (For advance, use 4 + F to save your party) - Use X when he use biggest, strongest AOE - Everytime u got daze, stun, knocdown effect, if you are too close to terror then u can press 2 or F to get out and back to him, but if you far enough to avoid his melee attack then just don't press anything. Otherwise if u have aggro and you pressed 2 or F, terror will pull you after that. - Faster for you to pick up the loot, cause you always stay close to him. Well I think you already know but anyway
  19. For all of the guys that said you can't get the loot from ssp. (Assume that you don't have any issue with ping and lag) Please confirm that you can't get the loot because of your gameplay or because of what. Now it's your turn to post your video to show why you can't and then check my very first comment. There is no ego, just one advice here you better get good rather than make an excuse for your cricket gameplay. I'm not that good but I confidence I can do stuff rather than crying
  20. Here is my evidence I usually use all at 4 at the default setting but when there is too many player, I decrease all to 1 (except vision) and use "optimize for battle" option
  21. I'm not show a video for you guys, I show a video for the owner and please read the owner topic to see his PC and ping condition. Also I uploading my vic killing boar now just for you to be more happy. I know I can't make you guys happy, after the vic some guys will keep picking some minor things on the vic to make another excuse and ..etc..etc.. The thing here is I just want to show you guys, with a lower AP you have to accept that you can't get every loot but better get something than nothing at all. Even with my high AP I can't get 2 boar because the server population (they split) and also my friend are range (Warlock 699AP) and he can't get 2 boar also. So what you can do is pick the side that have lesser people. With a little iframe to avoid stun = lost damage + know how to chase the boar, you can easily get the loot from that. On my server, even with 600+AP u can only get 1 boar at the time so there is no different here. You got 1, you're good.
  22. Well. look at the owner topic, I think he said he has a good ping and PC also so think I and him have the same condition. But ya your gameplay will be better if you have those thing, but before I even used my laptop to tank BW and it lag like hell.. Anyway.. .uploading a quick video killing boar
  23. Sure, after work then
  24. just simply a question here how can I got to 690AP? Did I have to go through 500AP time? I'm not jump from 1 to 690 without go through that time, so please be put some attention on to that. There is no ego I telling the true, honest always hurt but that's true, you are suck at iframe and stuff and then you complain about the class. I'm sorry but ya please train your FM instead sure ------ Uploading a vic using my friend alt account BM - 462AP 60k HP 33% crit No HM block, No skill book