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  1. Maybe u need 3 of them to make it show up? I'm not so sure, you may need to ask support tho. For OP: I suggest you write a ticket to support, like consider to reduce the key required or make hongmoon key usable (if it's actually cannot be use for asura only) that's way will help you faster. It's maybe a bug or unintentional
  2. Your presentation should be in some "improvement idea" place that NC Soft can see, I don't think NC West can do anything about this. They may propose the idea to NC Soft but most likely nothing will happen.
  3. FYI: If you right click on the weapon box it won't display an option for you to use Hongmoon key, but if you have a Hongmoon key in the inventory and right click on the box again, it will display an option for you to use Hongmoon key. I don't know if Asura weapon box is an exception but if it is, it may be a bug.
  4. Shield class

    Shield is good, it's just BM and KFM already competitive enough for a tanking spot. And I think shield class concept already including in BM class, like they have party protection aka HM block, not like KFM are more aggressive with blue buff.
  5. The Golden Lotus rewards

    Golden Lotus description come on guys.. Source: https://esports.bladeandsoul.com/uk/the-lotus
  6. @Aveos Do you have all of the stuff that can be obtain outside of BT like: - Legendary accessories like necklace (DT), belt (NF), bracelet (NS) level 6 or above - MSP soul shield (Either full or mix with 3 Xanos) - Pet aura level 10 or higher - Bladeful or Seraph stage 10~12 or even Dawnforged, Riftwalk - Maybe draken ring also but not necessary - Element earring stage 10 - Soul stage 6 or above I think if you have 3 hours for game and still don't have all the stuff above, you should focus on that first. After that I believe you will be at 890~930 AP depend on your gem, and you should be qualified for any BT raid at least for first 2 bosses which drop BT accessories. First boss is easy enough, dps, drop poison, kd when boss jump.. what's else.. Second boss is good luck if your team has low dps and have to do mech, but watch youtube, read guideline, try after try and experiences is what I can say. You said you don't ask for yourself but for other player, find clan is hard enough.. Well, group them up and become their leader cause seem like you want to take care of them. Guide them to gear, and make your own raid if you still cannot find any raid group that accept you after u gear all of the stuff above then. Hard work will be pay, and like I said boss 1 and 2 or even boss 1 only should be good enough for you and pug team to be able to achieve with your limited of game time for BT accessories For boss 3 and 4 either your team become stronger, understand the mech to be able to clear or you can go for Dawnforged, Riftwalk weapon and wait for later BT neft, weapon path change in the future.
  7. Daily Dash seems like a big LIE

    It really doesn't matter, the number already calculated right after you click the button start even before or after the patch. You have to remember this is a machine, it's not a real wheel. The different is: - Real wheel without any software attach to it will give you random number and only god know your number. - Wheel control by software will generate a random number (hopefully) and the software itself will know your number after they generated. (and it only take not even 1 second to generate) So because the software already knew your number, either they send you rewards sooner or later doesn't really matter. The wheel spinning is just an animation for a sake of entertainment so you won't feel like you playing with only text and number. You can also do like this, click start button and close the wheel dialog. You will still receive the reward and everything on the wheel dialog will still up-to-date the next time you open it. --------------------------------- P/s: Everything control by something will can always be a big lie to you, it's just depend on how the company/business want it to become. Newspaper, internet, software, television, radio ..etc..etc.. much more.
  8. Yub, I don't care if the rewards after each round is good, but it's just some experiences charm. Now it's just annoy that it keep getting back to the beginning and have to collect trash again before it.. go back to the beginning again.. and again and I simply can't get anything value which usually stay at the end of the line. I feel like I'm getting punishment by purchased premium membership now.

    They don't remove the reset skills, they move it to Time Distortion. And to be honest, Time Distortion should be the one has reset skills because its controlling time while Soul Burn is for.. I don't know burning your soul? to awake your true skills potential + some bonus on crit damage. The neft on crit damage I think it's kinda too much, maybe 25% is ok but balancing both of your skills that's make more sense in general just saying. For pvp, well yesterday I lost against WL that using Time Distortion and air combo For pve, I think the skills rotation of warlock is good enough to spam dragon call without reset skills, and if u want reset that bad, I think use Time Distortion instead, but for dungeon group, they will still prefer Soul Burn for sure
  10. Again.. it's not 9 box per day https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/229813-max-of-pearls-you-can-get-in-this-event/?do=findComment&comment=1973237
  11. He just failed to dodge I believe, same thing happened to a BM I met yesterday
  12. It just there is percentage of people cannot effort to run every dungeon daily so they can't get maximum pearls per day, that's all. For high gear or above medium gear player, it doesn't hurt any thing, even bring more benefit. For low and medium gear player, they simply cannot join this event or can do very limited which may mostly equal to nothing worth. Personally I like this event so just saying. If its bring more benefit for you, you like it if not then you don't like it simple as that.
  13. Blackwyrm being removed

    I don't think they know, I believe this is just get over from Kr version, the decision may not been made by them but Kr. But therefor, this is NA version so they may have a right to modify it slightly different. But also unfortunately, it will creating more work for NA developer to modify and keep modify again after every new big patch/update that related to BW (boss, mech, skils, item, quest, faction, prestige system, etc..) I'm not sure how complicate it is, just based on my experiences as a developer. --------------------- Don't blame on mod, cause they just manage forum (again based on my experiences as a forum mod) with a very limited knowledge about what their main company doing. Main job is just collect data, manage forum and send feedback/report back to developer team or any team that will have responsibility for it.
  14. Currency Exchange broken again

    That's the strategy to make the user to gain less coin and cost more gold If Say in a different way, it will be: - If you need gold, it's promote you to purchase ncoin and buy gold. (doesn't lose 10% gold) - If you need ncoin, it's promote you to grinder harder for more gold to sell (lose 10% coin) or simply purchase ncoin. And the reason they will/may tell you is: - That is for maintain the value of coin
  15. Cold storage bug

    If you want to report: Report bug Describe your issue with more detail, constructive, have some pictures or a video or whatsoever you can do to show how you get the issue. So other people can confirm and if it's actually a bug it will also help developer team to fix it faster. "impossible to do this dungeon today, literally stuck and not being able to complete the dailies" What I can get from this message is, you found some problem with CS on 06/15/2017, something make you stuck leading you cannot complete daily quest. But what is that something I don't know.
  16. Q, E and SS visible in Action Bar

    In the future. I'm pretty sure. When? Nobody here know
  17. Q, E, and SS

    If it's true like Dotimus said, it is just missing feature, either we will have to wait for that update or they will provide a patch fix for this.
  18. Ya I mean we have a right to ask, they do or not that's their right. But well then it's still depend on their revenue. Which ever way bring more benefit they will do it for sure.
  19. Minimum per day is 10 (9 from daily quest, 1 from store) Minimum per week is 73 (7 days * 10 from daily, 3 from DKV) Minimum per month is around 292 (73 * 4 weeks) Minimum per 10 years is around 35,040 (292 * 12 * 10) And when we end our life at 80 ages, suppose you collect pearls after you born then it will probably around 280,320 and this is huge. You can buy 2803 oil, 3114 outfit, bunch of forging orb or xanos disc You may have more if the box crit
  20. Why's not? You do have a right If you aren't happy about the product, ask for refund if it's reasonable and not againts any rules
  21. Blackwyrm being removed

    lol like I ask them to make my life simpler. BW box? I don't even pick it up but Not everything is about loot, for new dungeon yes, for old place no and yes I personally back to BW to help new player tank that boss like I said earlier to let them have an opportunity to know how its feel like, and you know what they ask for it. This is a MMORPG, an online role-playing game which content feeling, discovering, experiences, memo, adventure not a freaking mobile game which you only need one city, one click to do thing and latest dungeon. And what is this, bashing them for bugs and real problems, so why they taking their time to remove BW. Cost resources to maintain BW? please
  22. Problem is we already had legendary weapon long time ago, not like after Kr notice about the sb change. And one more thing is not like everyone care about Kr version and I don't think we are suppose to have to care and know about Kr update before hand. For NA version I don't know they did officially talk about this before or not, maybe I'm missing, but the new on 06/14/2017 is the official change for NA version about sb. Which is mean if I'm a NA player and don't know about any other region, this is the first time I heard about sb change, think you know what I mean. Don't say that's my fault for not know about the Kr region's news because I'm playing NA region, I don't understand Korean language and don't have to understand it to play NA version. If NA region has an officially rules like "We will follow Kr update 100%, please up-to-date with their news so you won't be surprise when it come to NA" then this is our fault. You may knew before hand from Kr's new and prepare for it, but I will say I don't as a NA player, and if NCSoft doesn't notice about this for NA version long time ago, then this is their problem and they need to fix it, not us.
  23. I don't know you are serious or troll but Just like they giving you 2 options and it's benefit, you chose option 1 and now they changed that option benefit down mostly to zero and offer you to pay to switch option. You do realize it feel like a scam don't you.
  24. Blackwyrm being removed

    Sometime, its not just about loot. It can be mean for group of new player to actually "group together" with more than 6 members to do things . Main quest is a long solo stuff And Nowadays, all of dungeon mostly can be done via F8 with random party, no talk, no communication, simply run to the end kill the boss and get out. New player definitely not like experienced player, we already knew we don't need to do anything much at low level and just need to rush as fast as we can to higher level to join current dungeon content. We have more than year to explore everything in this game, 45 content, 50 content, HM level, and so on and keep moving on. But they are new player, they running the quest and they see a freaking big dragon stand on top of the hill with a huge HP pool, that building an interesting and curious for them. Don't you feel the same? Remember back then what is your first impression when you recognize there is an actual big boss in Misty Wood that seem impossible to take down by solo or group of 6 members with 300~400 AP. Some people start to call for a group of player, some just silent but interesting when someone talk about BW in faction chat. -------------------------------------------- And you know what, Actually there is a group of new player calling in faction chat couple days ago talking about they want to do BW. They want to know what they can do, what they can get, how they can do and so on. I was surprise, and told them there isn't have any much benefit from killing BW, just focus on main quest and moving on but later I feel bad about it, cause they just look like me before when I first knew the existence of BW. So I decided to help them by tanking BW. First only couple show up, but when the BW down to 70%, 50%, they know they can take him down and keep calling more people to join in faction, just like us before. More lower level showing up and no surprise, we took BW down and they seem to be very happy about it. Some said "See, we can do it". I feel weird because come on, of course we can do it with 600~1000 AP team and also with a tank. Back then we only have 300~400 AP, and tank is not that good as it now... But when I think twice, I feel like I understand how they feel at that moment. -------------------------------------------- I don't know, for me tanking BW become one of my memory, back to the day when red and blue still have war, it's headache, dramatic, and pain when you die and get nothing after lots of effort, but still there is some moment it make you feel you just did something fancy with a raid group, feel satisfy and realize you can do bigger thing than this. Sometime its not just loot, it may mean for experience for new player or something else like memo for people like me. Removing BW just like they removing all of blue dungeon, all ghost city, and just need to keep Zaiwei, Basin, Khanda. really much like mobile game, where only have one city and dungeon. I'm happy when we don't depend on faction stuff like BW, ssp anymore but again I don't know, just feel bad
  25. Gem cost trade

    its cheap right now, so ya it will be more expensive I think