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  1. "Evolved Stone Craft Cost Reduction"

    I don't think they fail anything. What you did is just compare market price but when did MMORPG become "buy all mats" game? IMO, With the new change it make oil become easier to farm tbh and let me tell you why. - Less evolve stone required so less time to camp battle boss (I have 2 strong enough character in both crim and ceru faction, so I kill one mining channel for other char) - Soulstone, Moonstone, Sacred, Elysian crystal are easy obtain from solo mast (I got at least 10 elysian crystal everyday from solo mast and not including from dun daily) - STS crafting, do ssp, 500 soulstone = 5 bundle = around 1 hour after merge or you can try to get 250 soulstone for 1 craft is fine. - Craft pickaxe, sell it and buy quatz or mine by yourself. You only need around 2 character to be able to do like above, if you want more its up to you, you can craft pickaxe and sell them, ez gold or mine by yourself depend which way you think its better Combine this with event you will be max soul in 3~4 months and don't laugh at this, this is MMORPG and soul is for high end game and long term like they mention before, 3~4 months is nothing
  2. this is very bad experience

    What is your equipment look like
  3. Rediculously bad RNG... 2 weeks+ now...

    u can guess but imo tbh for my case we won't play with customer, if you think that's the case just don't purchase, rn just make a video and report or show to community for your case will be best imo
  4. cancel daily challenge

    sorry to hear you don't have time but tbh I don't care about your life and I don't need you to care about my life neither, balance it by yourself and don't take it as an excuse. "unplayable for a lot of people" I don't know you mean you only or where you get that information from. Sorry to say but with this idea bot will have an easier time to farm gold and gold will lost their value in no time, soon you will see (like other people already said) 100g for elysian orb. And you once again, whichever amount of your gold at that moment won't never catch up the market price going up for sure due to your limited play time against bot.
  5. Rediculously bad RNG... 2 weeks+ now...

    while what you said may true but rng implementation usually focusing on global settings which only set on an item (for easy apply/fix and fair) instead make it be able to customize based on individual case. that is based on my developer experiences
  6. Rediculously bad RNG... 2 weeks+ now...

    That's weird tbh, maybe what you can do now is start collecting pouch and open them as once again today and record it for like a week or so, if it still happen then submit a ticket with your video I guess
  7. Is reverting back to stage 12 worth it ?

    You know because you read some topic that are not written by ncw but player that play in other region, or heard from other people said. Again things may come different depend on region we play, like battle ground faction stuff never come to us for example, it well known but never come. Unless ncw confirm like what they did couple days ago on their stream, it doesn't have any valid point to believe if it was written by some random player.
  8. Is reverting back to stage 12 worth it ?

    lol We are playing NA/EU server and we should not be penalty by not knowing ahead of time about stuff changing by have to check other region server.
  9. https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us Ask support if you want the correct answer and more detail
  10. Divine Grace Stone availability?

    I believe I'm not run more than 30 run so far cause I'm not really farming it and saw 1 Divine Grace Stone on NM
  11. Evolved Stones and Radiant Energies

    "We need" this "we need" that.. we need everything buddy "We need Elysian Crystals now also." - What is your equipment look like so I can know where you are in the game first, cause I'm getting at least 20 elysian on weekday by farming mast which equal 22 days to have enough elysian to upgrade raven 6 to raven 9 which acceptable for me. - Now you can even go riftwalk or dawnforge path and then later upgrade to raven 6 to reduce elysian cost. "We need Radiant energies and Evolved stones" "We have no way of playing or doing anything really" - Farming alt for events buddy, I'm getting 14 oils from this events from alts without much effort, I'm not in a hurry for max soul so doesn't matter also. - Don't try to reply back to me by saying "14 oils? 14 oils is nothing", it's 350 evolved stone, 140 elysian orb, 14 demon stone, 70 sts, 70 gold = 5180 gold + 1400 freezing orb. It indeed something. - And before you even think about "it's no-life, I have work..blah blah", everyone has life and work, including me and I don't care about your life so please just stick with the in-game stuff. So now again, what is your equipment look like so I can know where you are in the game first.
  12. Rediculously bad RNG... 2 weeks+ now...

    That maybe true but not for pouches, cause I farm mast everyday, open 50 pouches at least everyday and always got around more or less 30% elysian. To OP: bad rng is bad rng, chest on normal/hard purple dungeon below NS has bad drop rate of elysian, only pouches is worth your money. You should get around more or less 30% elysian out of your pouches. Go inform yourself by farming mast if you think it necessary.
  13. lol, like I said doesn't matter they choose (1) or (2) , please re-read it. I repeat what I said earlier: - "Even because of either way (who's care), it's still good for player to have opportunity to buy old costume, I don't have anything against that" also mean doesn't matter they choose (1) or (2) also mean I'm welcome your assumption also mean please consider my assumption to not bring your hope high Another quote - "I just warning OP it's may true or not, just don't get a high hope so if next time you writing another suggestion, it may or may not (most likely) apply to the game" also mean doesn't matter they choose (1) or (2) also mean I'm welcome your assumption also mean please consider my assumption to not bring your hope high You call me rude and put words into your mouth and imposing my assumptions onto other people while I just used the word "true or not, may or may not" only And tbh, the moment you called me "rule, imposing", you actually (accidentally) bringing other assumption down, and (accidentally) imposing your assumptions onto other people as well. Let's me close this, you did a good job, keep writing more suggestions, they eventually will listen to your ideas for sure no doubt about it. Wish your "Blue Sunglasses" propose idea will be there soon as well.
  14. It's good that you don't have high hope then, It just sound like you do in the first post but well, anyway Also what I mean is mere coincidence not mere accident
  15. What did I say make you think it's toxic? I think you don't get the message that I want to point out, They put costume on F10, why they doing that here is 2 options: 1. Because it's their plan to put costume on F10 2. Because they listen to OP request and decide to put costume on F10 And OP think they put costume on F10 because of option (2). But I think they put costume on F10 because of option (1) and it's somehow happen on the day right after OP sent the request (so that's why he think they put costume on F10 because they listen to him) Even because of either way (who's care), it's still good for player to have opportunity to buy old costume, I don't have anything against that. I just warning OP it's may true or not, just don't get a high hope so if next time you writing another suggestion, it may or may not (most likely) apply to the game.
  16. 1. Remove daily quest limit.. can't, it against the law, before there is game even apply 2 hours play per day but now they come up with this limited 2. PVE quest for wc.. sound good 3. Remove weapon durability loss on being killed by a player.. um idk should be apply the same for pve and pvp 4. Merge won't fix anything for sure, will always have 1 faction dominate the other 5. 6. You don't need to bid on that 100g item, if someone bid 100g will be divine by 5 mean you get 20g, if no one bid and all discard the item, 100g will be divine by 6 mean you get 16g 7.
  17. I just want to point it out is that, don't give a high hope that they are actually listen to your suggested, it can be accidentally happen and matched with your suggestion. Also putting costume on F10, they already did before
  18. Maximum amount of clan members

    best is having clan alliance system, but well
  19. How do i find HM dungs farm ?

    Fast way is bidding when it drop on NM, got 2 for both of my character by doing that and the second bracelet went for 1k gold :) What I did is just keep doing NS NM after I done with my daily, properly around 5 times more or less per day, and I didn't feel it took that long for the drop
  20. Before every class can mix up their two elements skills together, like BM can have fire on rmb and light on lmb, but now skills are more separate so maybe that's why you feel like it is less but prob the same or less a little bit (some skills has been removed) Whatever we got use to always make us feel it is easier to use but after awhile using this new skills tree, I feel it's better, easier to read and less confuse It's just a little bit annoying that you need to switch element and reassign skills tree when needed before use if you don't buy an extra slot for skills preset.
  21. Toxic player with petty "revenge" [rant]

    After look at his gears I can see, he probably one of the highest burst all the time which may build up his ego. If something doing wrong which will result the run longer or inefficient usually will rage up those kind of people really quick just because they used to kill them in one go with their high burst supported. That was also the reason why he was afk the rest of the match just to show up without him you guys will have struggle with killing the boss, can't kill them fast and so on.. Luckily that this dun is asura, so his ego cannot help him much here. I can imagine if you guys were die or fail the boss, he will continuous the show after that.
  22. what happened to Blademasters?

    In the past when BM still have stun by blocking - PVP: is useful - PVE: somewhat useful like for toi and mushin tower Now without stun by blocking: - PVP: still doing quite well in pvp without it if you doing it right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dz4O9OVOeGQ - PVE: not really need anymore cause now we can even block in draw stance by using F which is more efficient, your attack stance is draw stance and you will keep that stance 90%, and you rarely use 1 to block, unless you try to activate HM block or have to block something in a really long time frame. New combo give BM has higher damage output. Also Pierce (normal stance RMB) doesn't do that much damage anymore and I don't think any BM out there still using this skill. ------------------------- So tbh, you should try out new combo first
  23. Choose a class

    If you want dodging life go with melee If you want easier life go with range Want more challenge go with melee tank: BM or KFM (Blade Master or Kung Fu Master) Want grind gold fast go with dps tier class: - Melee: Sin, Blade Dancer - Range: Force Master, Soul Fighter (this class can be both range and melee) Most wanted class for dungeon go with tank and buff. DPS class always last pick after the team already have tank and buff, unless your team too strong then you don't need tank - Tank: BM, KFM - Buff: Warlock, KFM, Sin Most useful class for Black Tower raid (high end raid atm) go with tank, heal buff, damage buff. - Tank: BM, KFM - Heal buff or revive: Soul Fighter, Summoner - Damage buff: Warlock, KFM, Sin. ----------------------------- If you pick tank: - BM has party protection and high crown control, easier to master - KFM has damage buff and single target, harder to master Also consider your ping, it will affect your damage output, play style and class potential
  24. You just make thing sound worse, 5 elysian orbs is not a big of a deal, check the price on the market too see. It did going down for like 1 gold and guess what, it was go back to previous price after couple hours. When you need like around 1000 elysian to get to raven stage 9 and/or 2000 elysian orbs for crafting 200 oil per character. And this is 5 orbs per account, not to mention the profit from buying these 5 orbs only around 10g less in total compare to buy 5 orbs on the market. Currently there is always a need of orbs, so this will not destroy anything but just give some sweet to your hardcore farming life. If you are selling orbs, why don't you buy orbs if it's price go down, then sell all out later.. the market will balance by itself in couple hours because the need of orbs is still pretty high atm
  25. What do you mean waste, what I mean is you may need 3 hongmoon keys in ur inventory to be able to see the option when u right click on the weapon box. If the option appear that mean you can use it, you don't really need to actually use it to know. Also It does hidden for other weapon chest, but ya I feel weird as well, there maybe a reason why they do that but as long as it work I don't really care tho (it worked for other weapon box cause I just recently used 2 hongmoon key drop from daily dash to open two different weapon box, I'm not so sure about asura)