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  1. why is there a lvl55 skill that in "K"?

    Atm you cannot use those skills but In the next couple update, our level cap will increase from 50 to 55. At that time the system will stop you from leveling HM level but normal level instead until you reach 55 then it will level up HM like normal. When you reach to level 55 you will unlock those skills and we call it Ultimate skills. Key bind by default will be G and B Those skills need to be charge during battle via other normal skills (if you read other skills you will see some skills charging hongmoon energy) before it available to be use. Take a look at this video to see how the Ultimate skill animation look like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bTgpBe3Jqo
  2. "Nebula Stone Showdown" Event

    2 Nebula stones or haft of oil for small exchange.. Come on..
  3. "Nebula Stone Showdown" Event

    Seriously these "free" minding people.. What the heck why this is not unfair, you say f2p can't buy this? Seriously you bought trove key like drain down the water. If they make Medallion cost 100 NCoin that is p2p In fact it cost 1 NCoin mean it is suitable for EVERYONE.
  4. "Nebula Stone Showdown" Event

    you can save for other event, your coin is there and it won't go anywhere tho
  5. "Nebula Stone Showdown" Event

    You can't even for small amount for an event. What kind of support that you did actually..
  6. "Nebula Stone Showdown" Event

    @Viblo It may purchasable via HM coin like other event item. If it's, it's fine imo, the game itself giving you free HM coin several time already. If it's not, still fine for me cause the event long like 1 month so the total cost to purchase is around 30 NCoin (or maybe 60 if 1 NCoin per Medallion)
  7. @Deathrainer Skyrok weapon chest available in peach vendor?
  8. Trove event

    @kymura best guess atm is after daily dash
  9. New Daily Challenge on Wednesday

    Oh.. oh well just do all dungeon then lmao
  10. New Daily Challenge on Wednesday

    @Leyren @Zhoosh Usually Wednesday dc will be: - Tomb of Exiles - HM - DT - Yeti - Tag match (1 win) - Beluga (1 win) The dc will be readjust like they already said on stream but I will assume that those current dungeon will have chance to remain the same. So I guess new Wednesday dc will be like: - HM - DT - Yeti - Tag match (1 win) - Beluga (1 win) - and more new dungeon here (I guess will be lair or necro or any purple dungeon in zaiwei except nexus)
  11. Evolved Stones and Radiant Energies

    Gem as high stage is kinda expensive and only need for maximum stuff when u all done with other stuff imo, prob best way rn is wait for people doing trove, I have no idea about how to farm radiant energy except trove or f10 so prop need more way to farm it indeed, but not really in a hurry. For radiant energy its indeed need more way to farm. For evolved stone, you can farm it on ssp and it somewhat good enough with the reduction upcoming, because they said soul is for long term upgrade so I expected it to be around 5-7 months long. Let say in ssp nowadays after the merge u kinda have 4 channels atm, in a perfect condition you will get 2 defense 2 attack badge which equal to 2 boxes which will give you 2~4 evolved stone based on your rng per haft hour. Put a timer, go somewhere do something else and come back later for battle boss so I can say everyday I get at least 10 evolved stone (usually I got more) but because nothing is perfect, let say you will get at least 6 evolved stone per day. - Meaning in one week you have = 42 evolved stone for 4 oils - OP said he is at stage 9 so to max soul he will need 9 months for it to collect 1680 evolved stone. But well, that's not including events and even if you can farm evolved stone faster, I don't think you have enough mats to craft oil anyway, like demon stone, sts. Can you tell me if I you can farm 20 evolved stone per day, can you keep crafting 2 oils per day? So well take your time, within one or two months you may not have max soul, but high enough. They may or may not bring more way to farm but for me, it doable atm
  12. Check point location

    tbh set the point in wrong place is our problem, see it or not it's up to the leader but it's not their fault So for their side, they kick or not it's up to them. For us we need to fix our problem by putting the point in the correct place first or tell them before hand if possible Or do pve first before pvp
  13. Overpopulated Zones / Field Bosses~

    I didn't say he posted in a wrong place, just suggest him a faster way to send the request to the team. Also p/s was wrote for only OP, who are you again?
  14. oh ya ice wl, some how I keep remember dragon is shadow
  15. Overpopulated Zones / Field Bosses~

    @DuBread You prob need to submit a ticket for it https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us There is a category called Suggestion under Gameplay issues, please take a look on it. P/s: If you don't mind, next time if you can, break down your sentences in multiple line will make it easier for other to get your point
  16. "Evolved Stone Craft Cost Reduction"

    That's because you guys assume the crystal has the same price as it orb version which is somewhat unfair. ----------------------------------------------- All orb can transfer to crystal => number of way to farm orb = number of way to farm crystal Pouch, chest only give crystal => number of way to farm orb < number of way to farm crystal => Crystal price is cheaper compare to it orb version (Think about if pouch give orb with people farming mast and then see what happen to the market) ----------------------------------------------- Another prove is that, you do any dungeon and bid for a crystal version or any unsealed item version And see if anyone in there bid them as the same with market price (plus tax) or not. No they won't, they will always cut down the prices because of some factor (they need or not, unsalable) You do BT, any of you bid elysian crystal at 9g each? You do BT, any of you bid raven king soul (unseal) at 110 each? You do IF, any of you bid void fragment at 5g each? Crystal is way cheaper compare to orb and more friendly to obtain.
  17. "Evolved Stone Craft Cost Reduction"

    @FlyingK @Sawary There is also a thing you guys missing is that, crystal has more way to farm compare to orb version making crystal doesn't have the same value like it orb version. They are not hold the same value as the orb version. just think about if pouch drop orb instead of crystal, orb price will be decrease because of massive mast farm. If you can please list any other way that constantly can farm crystal faster than mast or farm gold faster to buy orb. Here is my average mast statistic for 1 hour: - Number of match: 7 - Pouches: 21 - Elysian crystal: 5~6 - Elysian drop rate: 30% Not to mention other factor, like: - Solo-able , independent, less time waiting, less time grouping, less human error. - Also earn other crystals beside elysian. Like moonstone (25~30%), soulstone, sacred.
  18. Sin pretty much has no problem. But I can see some class like shadow wl will have hard time to get credit
  19. SoulBurn

    @SayhaSeer Summon a thrall close to mining boss, you also stand a little bit far from the battle boss also. Battle boss will die in couple sec so cast it in like 2~5 sec ahead. See if it help QQ
  20. Buggy Game?

    @Branithius @KorosKoros I don't see you guys mention this so just to make sure. Are you guys sure nothing was running on your pc background at that time, like window update? If somehow you guys get this problem again, try to open Task Manager -> Processes and sort the Disk column (Descendant) to see if any Application running on your background or not. I got some fps drop last week and after checking this it turn out that my window was downloading stuff for update.
  21. IP issues???

    If you run different account on different desktop/lapt, you will be fine. If you run different account on the same desktop/lapt (multi client), you will/may have some trouble. That's the only matter.
  22. 10 slot W Maestro

    Ask support https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us
  23. Nebula's for Rift/dawn stage 7-9.

    You can ask Jonathan on Twitter
  24. Quartz/Rich Quartz Availability

    valid post so far