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  1. Its 3 people that stay nearest to the boss. The others prob stay further than you.
  2. pve shoudn't have any problem
  3. Daily dash usually close during trove. Daily Rewards idk, yesterday I coudn't claim my rewards as well.
  4. I don't think there is any buff for that floor tho. The normal attack pattern at the beginning is like this - Pierce (red attack) -> Normal attack or charge spin -> Upper cut or jump -> Repeat. To avoid him instant grab u need to stay close to him before he start doing his next attack. Sometime even u stay far away from him but he didn't grab you because you already deal enough damage to force him to go into next mechanic phrase (either he will jump to middle or 3 jump around the middle circle)
  5. later on the dun will be nerf and only need to defend 1 soul but for now..
  6. @swpz Soul belong to equipment and none of them bound to account after upgraded (or some after bought). If its bound to account, then soon people will ask for accessories bound to account which mean all of your alt most likely become main now. The only left is weapon which can be easily upgrade in current patch tbh. Not really a good practice its seem
  7. @Ainurr ssp is an out-dated content, it's solo able with current gear. @Justgreencorn ssp is an out-dated content, been out for too long already, back then was a lot of fight but later people switched to one side for ez farming/money
  8. @BigBangBoss send a ticket and ask support if you want correct answer
  9. @newbiez like @doitztard said or if you run Hard Mode/raid/tower/TOI, the game itself will display Combat Record for you.
  10. @Egoist It will disappear after that
  11. @newbiez https://www.bnstools.info/
  12. It prob mean for 12 man raid update. Crafting revamp is something huge that gonna affect the economy and it will less likely happen at the same time with gunner + 12 man raid. It may make the game even more buggy, too much work for bug fixing and also bringing too much update as one time doesn't bring any much profit to them tbh in a long term. Also I saw somewhere said there is some material only available when lv 55 patch hit, not sure if it's true. If crafting revamp will be on sept 13, there should be an announcement already cause some job will be remove and so o
  13. @Shunaia Spreadsheets for new crafting system Sorry to see you go, but it's not my problem and not like I care actually.. cya
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