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  1. I do not understand very well what some people seem to be offended because some people show with real evidence that this Trove event does not work and is a simple scam. It is only necessary to look at the Trove and see the items that people buy because it only gives trash, I leave one more example with images taken at the moment: As you can see, the items that are shown on the Trove are what users buy in drop Critical, tell me that is a joke 10 "naryu tablet" for 10 gold ?, joking ?, when on the market the "Sealed naryu tablet "Cost 90 silver and normally cost less ?, and in
  2. No moderator or developer gives a response ?, in the support via ticket continue to respond that we come to the forum to complain, but in the forum nobody from NCSoft respond?
  3. In this topic happens the same as in mine, claiming for the same issue, no moderator or developer gives a response ?, in the support via ticket respond that we come to the forum to complain, but in the forum nobody from NCSoft respond?
  4. It is as raiklock indicates, but be careful, that item can only be bought once per account, and items can NOT be passed to us other characters ... It is almost a mockery, because in my case I only needed 2 or 3 items, and I left the whole pack practically, since my idea was to distribute the items among my other characters, surprise when I saw that it was not possible, again trash to the sale.
  5. I am in level 10 and for this type of action the discount is 90%
  6. The cost to change the skin of the weapon not only varies according to whether you are premium or not, but to be low you have to be Premium level high. For my part I also think it is ridiculous that I have to pay gold for changing the skin of my weapon, and there should be the option to save the skins in F3.
  7. It would be useful for users that some developer or moderator of a response on this topic, since in the support via ticket the answer is "buy more keys" or "go to the forum for a developer to respond" @Liinxy @Lock6 @Cyan @Bronn Could anyone give us an answer? Thank you.
  8. Link to the site ?, there are many that put these images as current, and although they are real, this is the drop of the first day and is precisely why they blocked the sale of keys of the event and took 1 day to activate it New, since with that level of drop the economy of the game was going to be totally destroyed, many people believe that the error of day 25 was that there was no item in the drop, not so, not only missing some as the hepta gem , If not that the drop of other items as in this image that you left was very high, what they did after 24 hours was to add the Hepta gem and lower t
  9. In the forums do not enter many people who play, they are always a very low percentage, you should really look for some clan within the game that matches your schedules. In the server that I am BlackTower is almost null the percentage of people that go, only some big clans and there are some clans that charge average 2000 gold to take you to complete the dungeon. Actually today the BNS is totally unbalanced, with the last updates the missions until NF became ridiculously easy, and others like the BlackTower / Skybreak spire, are practically impossible to realize. For my part I see that the
  10. Hello, you should make this post in some of these forums according to which server you play, this section is not for this type of publications: Https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forum/440-servers/ Https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forum/423-pve/ Https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forum/419-player-to-player-support/
  11. If you are looking for an answer, "just keep on participating", this trove event is a scam, full of bug's, and most of the high-level items never drop, they are only on the list to instigate players to buy, but They have no drop, you can only gather lots of garbage.
  12. Translated with Google: As I indicated, I doubt that the support does something, but with try not lose anything, to create the ticket, go to https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and select the option "Report a Player ", then you have a description of what happened the same as in this topic, including the video and awaits your response. Although, as you are told the support is not responsible for these things, it should also provide support to the players, I say this from my perspective. On the other hand as it was answered, it would be simpler than the next time you use F9
  13. Translated with Google: The most certain thing is that the problem is your pc, not the game, although the new anti cheat brought many different people problems, in all cases most of all is a very high increase in ping. The charging times in my case did not change in the slightest from one anticheat to the other, if you did not play a year ago maybe now it seems that delay, but the game itself presents normal loading times. Try defragmenting your hard disks, like checking that your pc has enough resources to run the game without problems. (With this I do not say that the game loads fast, the
  14. No, you just need to wait, being the first time you buy you have no choice, since even if you open a ticket now, until you respond it will take a few hours, that's why I'm telling you that if you're lucky in 2 hours you'll have your ncoin, But if you want to solve this so that in your next purchases do not waste time waiting, you have to make the claim via ticket to the support, in my case that worked for me, but I still recommend Paypal to do the shopping without wasting time. Sorry if my text is not clear, I use the Google translator to respond!
  15. The hepta gems, were not and are not the only bug ... Those who reported that is because they look for that item, and only noticed and reported that, the initial bug was not simply that there was 1 item in the drop, but also that it was also ultra high, for example you could get 50 Radiant Energy for 1 Gold, 20 Sealed Sacred Oil for 10 gold, 10 Sealed Forging Orb for 10 gold, etc., among other items that currently never came out again. Currently the only thing I change with the bug of the first day is that now in the drop is the hepta gem and the percentage of items that fall under 100% (speak
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