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  1. SF slow-mode - is it viable for casual player?

    Not really, "Ice combo" for both stances (KFM and FM stance) is more damage than the earth counterpart. Also if used right Ice FM stance is still more dmg than earth kfm+earth fm due to the burst of fm Vx3 and never losing dps by not having to dodge boss etc for the kfm sustained dmg argument. Though it comes down to playstyle. And his original question about high ping ice combo range stance he can do decent dmg and aggro shows youre doing something which also answers if its possible route for him to play or if its a waste of time and should pick something "more for his ping" It's why i listed an fm stance combo that's easy for doing dmg based around fm stance since that was his original question. The video was for information on the class and tips to using it. KFM stance was the first part of the video not the entire thing. It's still a good source of information on the class and diff specs of the class.
  2. SF slow-mode - is it viable for casual player?

    You didn't watch the full video, or else you'd see around 3min 40sec or so they talk about force stance ranged stance as well the Ice vs Earth isnt just cobalt vs right punch. Ice build does more dmg than earth. Earth just has burst IF you spec right and position behind the boss. Ice build you are in fm stance alot for tundra x3 rmb lmb crits. most of the time you go kf stance is for the kingfist combo/SB. Im called an aggro *cricket* all the time, steal n hold aggro most of the time from ppl better geared than me if that gap isnt rediculous just cause i do my own rotation. The question was if he can do it at high ping and if he can do decent dmg. The answer to that is yes. (lightning fist>breezekick>focus chi>froststorm+F>ss>ice coil>displace> tundra +lmbrmb for x3 casting>repeat) works just fine for decent dmg and high ping.
  3. SF slow-mode - is it viable for casual player?

    Ice does more damage, Earth just has more burst. Here's a good video for infos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtZCaIO1SjY Tho if you check description he admits Ice does more overall dmg. "- Earth Combo Kungfu Stance deals higher DPS compared to Ice Combo, but the overall dmg (including V) Ice Combo would surpass Earth Combo imo. "