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  1. Yup, some characters are somewhat constant. And that appreciated but repeating the same formula over and over in this and a lot of games is annoying. Still good story tho.
  2. No mounts atm in Korea or clan/territory wars as far as I know. The 1st raid will arrive NA-EU on our Q4, that means devs have till december of this year to add it. The name it's Midnight Skypetal Plains. We already have pets. We get 1 new map at north of Viridian as part of the new arc, not unlocked yet.
  3. They already know about what? About the disconnected issue? It's not about that, I want to report BOTS no afk or dcd people.
  4. I enjoyed the story too. In fact, that was the main reason I keep playing until I made friends that became my reason to play. But the formula of "kill these non-story-related mobs" or "go there" or "harvest this" is stupid and annoying. Some things and orders on yellow quests have no value to build the story, while some of them kinda make fun of that formula like the quest when you try to convince Old Man Cho to teach you to ride a dragon pulse doing home duties. That was somewhat annoying but fun. There are some stuff that doesn't have a lore in-game like the Blackwyrm or the orig
  5. I just realized that there is no option inside BG to report a bot or spammers. The option appears when someone speaks on party channel but there isn't if they don't speak.
  6. I mix my silverfrost SS with #8 northern critical or green artisan critical and hope to max it with blue artisan.
  7. I can't say it's bad. The pvp (F9 content) it's fun and fair. It's more about reflexes than skills of your character but HM Skills helps too.
  8. I heard is more about a Korean policy about videogames in the last year.
  9. This game is rated M, dunno why they censor anything. I don't want to see something like Scarlet Blade but this is kinda ridiculous.
  10. Fixed? lmao. The Nebula path asked for more materials and money than the non-nebula path for awk to true accesories. For example, from Awk Python to True Python it asks -without nebula- 5 SFTS but 4 with nebula. With the bugged nebula from last week it asked 5 instead of 4. Ergo, they changed the values of requirement (material-gold) between nebula and non-nebula scenario. The ppl that didn't have nebula or decided to upgrade it without one had the reduced cost of the nebula scenario, while the nebula path had the requirements of the regular or non-nebula path. I saw i
  11. - It's a week lost. It's a reseasonable demand but optional for them since there is still time and this past week wasn't the last, but imagine it was indeed the last, then what? Then that week lost would have more weight. It's similar. They made a mistake and wait a whole week to fix it when the only thing needed to do was changing values (not like the in-game mail command wich was more complex). The bug prevent ppl to use their nebula for a week, the resources are not in discussion, it's about the use of an item that didn't work as expected and has an expiration date. - I was
  12. I have 2 runs and saw 1 neckalce on 6 man on my first successful run. A WL won for 350g. I thought ppl were going to bid like 1k e.e. WL's IGN is Lynxobi.
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