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  1. Please show me where OP asked about how 'the publisher is handling things' and I will eat my Tshirt. Don't even bother with replying, please.
  2. Idk if you realize this but driving away potential newcomers is one way to keep player base low aka publisher will care way less and milk the game until it's dry. So far the only negative experience I've had with BnS is this forum and some 30yo nerds complaining without reason. Get out of that basement.
  3. I have played TERA for 3 years and if you went onto TERA forums and ask the same question you'd be getting the same answers as above (P2W, game broken, lag, fps problems yadda yadda) Been playing BnS for two weeks now, had a blast leveling, queues are fast (EU Windrest), dungeon queues is cross-server, there's always people running around for OW PvP, there is 0 lag as the game has to be ultra responsive for combos and crap, have had 3 dcs in two weeks though. Apart from that the game runs smoothly on 120 fps, I'm sorry to hear that so many people have old Pentium II that can't run
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