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  1. Riftwalk 7-9

    and again by doing that your using dark strike less so your dps still will be lower let along using up a ton of unnecessary focus and even if you smoke screen only the first one will help all others will still make your you for cool down before being able to smoke screen again so youll use up ton of focus and will have to start lmb to regain it in which again by then your dark strike dps went done while you did all of that. On top of that while lighting is a great build for sins mainly for pve and pvp using prem stealth. when you get to high dungeon bosses with true sight, let along the ones that makes decoy useless or the others that have random attacks any party member, you find it very hard maintain stealth while focusing on boss mech, while trying to dodge some aoe or straight attacks while trying to use your skills to keep you stealth while some aoe you just cant avoid due to the knock back and your knocked out of stealth and your rotations gets messed up while you try to get them back your being out dps by a shadow sin who doesnt have to worry about any of that stealth....must i go on?
  2. Riftwalk 7-9

    then you also know by going raven you will no longer be able to maintain a full 5 stack poison constantly due to the cool down going to 45 sec and even with magnum soul badge you wouldn't be able to lower the cool down low enough to reuse your poison to regain that 5 stack, So your dark strike lowest the 1292-1405 additional dmg on enemy with 5 stacks so yes while your brust dps goes up by a little bit a shadow sin using a riftwalk in those secs you have to way to reuse out dps you and remains higher dps due to its constant 5 stacking...sooooo lets see in a raid where there are long fights on bosses you'll be out dps by a riftwalk sin of the same staged if he knows how to utilize the benefits of a shadow sin perfectly. So as Pyrocyborg stated earlier some classes/builds can out dps its raven counterparts...if you know what your doing.
  3. Riftwalk 7-9

    i'm trying to understand why you let your poison as well as your skyrift run out??? unless you have high ms, in which i wouldn't recommend shadow
  4. Riftwalk 7-9

    if thats how your rotations begins as a shadow no wonder your dps seem to went up, maybe you only states some of the rotations?
  5. Riftwalk 7-9

    you sound like a shadow sin, meaning if you were using stealth with rifitwalk you should never see its benefits because all the rest of your gear will be based towards lighting
  6. Riftwalk 7-9

    and as a shadow sin myself I'm never going raven ever. and before the whales try to comment saying "oh cause you can't get it don't mean you should hate on it" i have every mat needed to make raven 6...but its soooooooooooo overrated and Rifitwalk would rule you if we had our stages completed... maybe that is why we keep getting refused??? which isn't fair. But i so agree if you go one path right now in the game you will be stuck with raven the second you make one because unless you make dawn after your baleful its the only way you can chose between raven and rift. but if you didn't and went raven because of all the hype you hear....then your also screwed if you notice riftwalk would of suit your game play better.
  7. Riftwalk 7-9

    i so agree! i'm almost at 100k hit per hit with just bb and i dont even have a fully stage rifwalk or any BT accessories let alone bracelet... please add the remaining stages so i can continue my path.
  8. Riftwalk 7-9

    Right! While Raven is superior due to it having a higher path than Riftwalk/Dawnforged if you remotely knew your way around lets say Riftwalk path as that is what i uses a Raven of the same stage would never come near you in terms of dps. Even pvp path is now pointless as raven now has its evolved path available now. They could of also at least added the remaining stages of rift/dawn and probably pvp also to give the other paths some kind of hope to see their paths continue.
  9. Riftwalk 7-9

    the title says it all. Do you guys plan to force players to go a certain build? Like for a sin they might as well go raven since it goes will the way to Aranus now as riftwalk and even pvp been stuck at stage 6 for like....forever? Was expecting to see 7-9 with the new raid this patch but instead i just see more and more reasons why all people talk about is going baleful and raven now its going to be aranus........so much for balanced or being able to chose a path that suits you best.
  10. server mt now?

    so are we getting something for this? no announcements or anything and ive been trying to do dailies and weeks with clan hours after the official post about it but keep getting dc like other then the sudden undergoing maintenance .....the pain of being in yura right now :(