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  1. What suck is that most classes are useless without the ember skill and UNPLAYABLE. Most basic builds require it and this goes for most classes. They should just remove hm skills since some of the prices are retarded.
  2. https://www.bnstools.info/ Really Nice Market place stuff
  3. How is that a question?? They have done it in the past for all classes. The real question will we get a insta lvl 50?
  4. When we get the new crafting system they are no longer needed it will most likely come with lvl 55 Here aer thee new recipies https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uSspt_MqkIC0lAQRf1fNUXHlyJCCs1ZGC56Wezs6m88/edit#gid=518733487
  5. Most likely on the 13 with gunner and lvl 55
  6. yes it is more expensive if you buy all the mats but if you farm them it is cheaper
  7. Its actually cheaper if farm your own mats. You relize you need crystals and not the bound versions. If you buy all the mats it is more expensive but they are easily farmable.
  8. Queue???? You overestimate the amount of people that still play this game...
  9. I wont mind if people afk. There is zero point in trying. This is what happens if you force content.
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