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  1. any system is great as long as we can kick afk-er... its more and more.. specially in the long dungeons.. like necro or gloom... they just dun wanna def coz its tiring and boring... we have it.. anti afk.. just tooo loooonnggg if its use for dungeon design.. make it faster would be great tho.. only in dungeon 5m afk kicked by system...
  2. nah... different.. 5minute loading u'll prob got error connection.. and forced closed.. in my case op loading always like that.. but we already wait for 15minute... so its not loading prob...
  3. as tittle said.. more and more ppl afk in dungeons.. please make a vote kick system applied to afker too... its killing players mood to continue and in the end one by one just left party...
  4. finally i knew the reason of this laging.. boobs take tooooooooooooooooooooooo much server space.. kwkwkwkkwkwkwkwk... hmm bow bout add 1 more option... breast teasing... hohohohohohoohoho..
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