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  1. I returned back and started the returning questline( which if you didn't know it can be obtained by activating it where the activation codes are ) and one of the quests requires me to participate in 3 1v1s ( wasn't terrible to find ) and 3 3v3s ( which I haven't gotten into yet because of long queue times ). Have you guys even considered that the content is dead still and are giving returning players essentially a gate?
  2. Are you deliberately trolling with these events?

    Events aren't supposed to have some arbitrarily high dps test. Yes TT has been out for a while but that doesn't give them an excuse to put out a poorly executed event. I still fail to see why people in ET need this weapon (which you are going for in the first place) to clear. Also people are questioning why many of us "plebs" are complaining about the cosmetic being behind a dps wall and in turn pay wall. Idk about you but black goes with a lot of cosmetics than pink with flowers... Honestly the playerbase needs to stop ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing up the events, I remember people complaining that events are too easy. That's kinda how they work though, it's supposed to give us a break from harder content. If there was any way to calculate the median dps of the community, it would be a better call than to cater to the top.
  3. Legendary Gem Hammers

    Since we have the event coming up and it's known that 6 slots aren't guaranteed, will there be any chance to see some replenishment of legendary gem hammers? Currently, the price is at 150g or more each since there are maybe 5 left (3% increase to now 31% increase). I know we had times where they were in certain events and even the daily dash in the past had 'em, but there were much better items at hand and no one really knew what was coming. I hope this gets sorted out before the patch,..
  4. "Mech"

    Now question is: Do you actually tell the party that this is your first time? Also what's your IGN(in game name)? I'm working on a warden this upcoming patch so you can always hop along, the normal mode dungeons up to now aren't that hard. I would suggest youtube as there are a plethora of guides for bns. I don't get caught going in without either doing it with some familar people or a guide.
  5. See ya later, we really don't need this toxicity. Once we find out what your IGN is, that is.
  6. Sealing soul stuff.

    Yes, once you make it sealed, you can trade it to another character or sell it.
  7. Clan Recruitment (Cerulean) LFM

    I'm a blue looking for a new clan. My name is MochaAkashiya and I'm a 666ap Force Master.
  8. 4049 error after maintenence 11/23

    Title pretty much sums it up. When i boot BNS up the gameguard icon pops up then a dialogue box gives the error. Whats even worse is that the website they link to after pressing ok doesn't match the error...
  9. Anything before level 36 is dead. I hope with the Soul fighter patch new people will do dungeons. It takes way too much time dying playing dungeons solo than getting a party together. I really hope they do some promotions at some point to revive the game BEFORE level 36, because as of right now you cannot play anything really. Sad that you just have to beg from a level 50 to help you because that is NOT how you should be playing, EVER. Gameplay is boring in dungeons in that regard, and level 50s think they are doing a favor.