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  1. I've never played an mmo before so I thought playing a female would be edgy ASSUMING everyone was going to choose males since majority of people who play are dudes. Man, never have I been so wrong.
  2. I gender changed for this outfit lmfao http://imgur.com/T7Wkm9W
  3. thanks! I just used one of those programs and it looks like I actually average around 30-40 ping lol
  4. good thing arena is all I do lol, been playing for at least 2ish months and I'm still at 49 lol
  5. I'm confused on what my actual ping is, I enabled the setting where it shows my ping in in game where its about 100-120 ms but when I checked it using task manager its about 50-80 ping. I live in Cali and I know people from NY get like 80-90 ping so which one is telling me the truth D:
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