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  1. I don't understand why this topic isn't locked.
  2. So? Who cares if other devs didn't pay players to edit their game's wiki? This is a CONTEST for a reason, CONTEST = good rewards, at least reasonable enough for the amount of effort that you spent for improving the BnS wiki. And what's the reward here? An inferior costume compared to the default hongmoon costume? Nice reward, am I right? Kappa PS: No offense intended, but you are not too professional at job hunting if you can't find companies that hires players to edit their game's wiki. I can literally think of 5 companies that do that as I am t
  3. I rather not have anything than have a salt to the wound. Basically if you get some cheap rewards it feels as.. "Thanks for helping, here is a super useless item for helping us improve our wiki." IF you get NO REWARDS at least the community is willing to help without rewards and are as least admired by the community and producer himself. Rather have nothing than have a super useless item that you will have to put in the digital trash later.
  4. There are numerous games where players don't write the wikis, but companies hire people to do it. And NCsoft being a greedy company, they bribe players for rewards to write/edit few pages, seems legit man, seems legit.
  5. Helps a ton! I will be sure to use your tips next time when taking a selfie.
  6. The background also fits in with the picture very well, I also like how the picture is photoshopped to enhance the viewing experience!
  7. That will never happen, it was the NA/EU's player population that requested that ALL BOSSES to be made harder (increase in health). It was also one of the main reasons why the community started using AP as a standard for entering parties. Had the bosses hp never changed, this could have never happened.
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