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  1. Ya I'll still log into TERA quite often actually. Play a CS watch the market do IoD bams. Combats still a blast and I can actually gear my toons quite quickly (I have 14). I'll log in and play the market a bit, buy up costumes I don't have. Some thing I sure can't do here. They make the artificial content in BnS by making the drop rates and gold reward ridiculous making it the ONLY thing to go after. Then they run "events" which are simply boxes filled with the stuff you shoulda been getting PLAYING the game all along but they refuse to adjust the drop rates accordingly because the
  2. Grind P2W Spammers Bots Bugs Class Imbalance Latency issues You name it. They're not even "events" they're boxes that show up that weren't there the day before.
  3. You must have s different definition of "brand new" than I do.
  4. Love the new Gon ones. Now all we need are the watermelon ones. I have a feeling it may be a daily dash reward and if it is I hope it's repeatable.
  5. Ya we need that by the end of the summer for sure. Hopefully some of the watermelon ones as well.
  6. Meh was gonna put new pics but I think i'll add them to my OP.
  7. No doubt. WE just got the impulse buyer ones right off. I got some but they not the best although I do think the Jin version is one of the best swimsuits. The Gon is just ok and the Yun is pretty terrible.
  8. Ok nice Hijack 1st of all. Second the images you posted are of the watermelon event swimsuits they're not the same. Third look at my second picture where she's about to fall out of that top. How do you figure that's "censored"? LMAO
  9. Thought I would start a nice topic for once since if there is one thing I will always love is the character creator and the character models! They say more swimsuits coming so hopefully our choices will grow! Post your sexy, sweet swimsuit pics here!
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