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  1. A much better solution than fixing a bug. Same thing with enemies resetting when frozen or rooted right? "orrr don't use freezes or roots on enemies" lul.
  2. That's because he said "currencies" not event currencies, ya event currencies on top of normal ones let's count just a few off the top of my head. 1. Talus insignia 2. Faction insignia 3. Misty woods whatever it's called 5. Scorching sands what ever it's called 6. Bravery 7. Sanctuary insignia 8. Skyhaven insignia 9. Valor stone 1 10. Valor stone 2 11. Valor stone 3 12. Valor stone 4 13. Pirate emblem 14. Siren Emblem 15. Blackwyrm essence 16. Any wheel of fate essence 17. Naryu coin 18. Naryu Silver 19.
  3. LOL! Same guy who said he got 5 100 bundles the 1st week of the patch where they added them to Naksun lul. ^^ And say I'm lying and I'll go dig up the thread where you said it.
  4. LOL this guys posts are always so hilarious. 1. You have crap gear and need moonstones to upgrade you not gonna beat Naksun, end of story. 2. You have crap gear and go in 6v6 you not gonna win, end of story. You go in no crit defense and 550 AP with 500 peircing you not gonna secure and capture anything. You gonna get facerolled.
  5. Ya thats all fine and good, except there is no such thing with destroyers, you ani cancel or you do shit damage (well destros do shit damage WITH it too, just not quite as bad), end of story. Could they fix this by buffing damage of abilities and adjusting attack speeds yes but they haven't yet and going from Korean skills it hasn't happened ther so ani cancel is the way to go. I know what "balance" is and what it means you should go to Korea and explain it to them because obviously by the "balance" present in this game they don't know what it means.
  6. Wouldn't happen, games rated M, kids shouldn't be playing it in the first place.
  7. I don't know what your server time is? Log into the game what time does your server say it is?
  8. I hate SSP and avoid it like the plague but I'll be the 1st to say having specific times for everyone to be crammed in there is a horrible idea, not to mention Moonstones going to go through the roof now, not like they bad enough already.
  9. 12pm to 12 am Sat and Sunday SERVER time.
  10. Nope. Boxes containing Moonstones will ONLY drop during these hours, they said that specifically during the stream. On another note it looked like the Battleground boxes will contain MORE Moonstones than they do currently. Right now you'll get 2-3 sometimes rarely 5. On stream it looked like they contained 5-7 each box.
  11. You do realize this is the ONLY way Destroyers do damage right? Remove it and Destroyers are more worthless than they are already. Really if you can't get around either using your tab at the right moment or being able to move 3-5 meters away from a melees attack range you're not going to get far in PvP regardless of any animation cancelling. Things like KFM macros are much more of a problem than any animation cancelling mechanics.
  12. 1. Pets no longer require petnip, existing petnips can be turned in for 2 Soulstones and 1 Frozen Stinger. 2. Many items being made account bound. http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/pet-account-bound-changes-october-26/ 3. New PvP currency called Galaxy Fragments will be rewarded for PvP dailies, can be exchanged for the new Soulshields and Legndary Soulshields. . Hell Soulshield will be available, similar to Naksun Soulshield. . Legendary Soulshields will be added. . Legendary Soulshields are class specific. . Gives static stats and rolls a third s
  13. Great post and tell us oh wise one what's the point in having a cool down on it!
  14. Buy a bunch of those poop brown outfits and throw them away where they belong.
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