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  1. Bring on the rng boxes!-chants- rng! rng! rng! rng! rng! rng!
  2. I just logged in to see a tweet on the side saying to hang on to them if you want the bow that the bow will be updated to have the bow skin on sept 18th
  3. I guess I will buy some and save them incase. Just bummed this box was released when it has such an awesome bow skin.
  4. What if its created per say but in the KR version? would they maybe just added it in when archer releases?
  5. If i save the boxes to open when archer comes, will bow skin be in the illusion wep box ? I cant remember what has been the case in the past
  6. Honestly, I dont understand the 12 hrs. I'v never had any game but BNS do this.Truthfully though the worst time to purchase Ncoin is during a long sale. Before and beginning of trove is instant. towards the end not so much. I only use my Debit Card.
  7. 200 keys 0 gems, all jewels, mats, 1 distinction, 5 pets =[........... i guess
  8. Bai Kaladina Bai Neriux777 Bai ....Lata .... i think lol? Bai Shadzar, see you whatever day we get new story
  9. I would play a yun of jin summoner any day
  10. I need this -~- weapon such a PIA to get and no one likes this dungeon XD. I feel like im stuck in brightstone ruins back in the day agian XDD
  11. God why could i only buy 1 :( i need the axe and the staff and the sword :((((, please make shock collar outfit :((
  12. How are these items chosen? is there a poll or something or is it just sales team random choice? Do they hear us if we request items =o? I'd like to request Yunma Fei Hair only, like they've been doing with come of the random outfit items that have been there =/
  13. Kozuki posted for Fire Gunner IS this vid still relevant ? for gunner using Magnum and combining eternity for Arcana later
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