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  1. The only thing I liked in the video was Gundam 00 Opening. =P
  2. Player side? How about I say that me and my brother are playing together sometimes and doing dungeon runs. Sometimes at loading screens on x-server dungeons, there were times I'm getting this random disconnections while my brother has entered the dungeon smoothly, and sometimes he's the one getting disconnected while I'm not. We're using the same internet connection, so if the fault is on our side/internet, then shouldn't we get disconnected at the same time? Just because you've never experienced it, doesn't mean you can bash those who are experiencing it, because you know... There are much more players who are experiencing this than those who do not. Before, We're not experiencing this random disconnections at loading screens when entering x-server dungeon, it only began after the recent patches and it's getting worst I didn't even played for 2 weeks now.
  3. Multiple crashes after maintenance

    I always keep on getting crashes everytime I go back to the Dungeon Lobby after a dungeon run. This only began on happening after maintenance and I'm losing the mood to play because of it, I crashed like 4 times already, so who will care to go back and login again after that? Anyone else experiencing this? Disconnection and crashes at loading screens.
  4. Server disconnected

    I also keep on dc'ing while entering dungeon and when going back to x-server dungeon lobby. Wth is going on? It started after the first launcher error earlier.
  5. Ah, thanks for the info. :)
  6. So it was said on the Producer's Letter before. I thought there's gonna be a reward when you lvl a new character, just like from Warlock release back then. There's nothing mentioned about it at patch notes, or did I just misunderstood something?
  7. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    Well, it's really hard to tell when a person is joking at expressionless texts. But like I said on my edit that you might haven't seen, if I were a guy, then yeah I think I can go gay for it haha. xD
  8. Small Male Gon presets

    I think you can ask some people here since it's about presets.
  9. How can you even so sure if a person will do it or not? You talk like you know everything, are we playing "I'm psychic" now? Of course people will do it when they "HAVE" the time, and if they knew the changed then they might have done it on their free time, simple as that.
  10. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    Can't stop looking at him lol.
  11. Soon you'll get automatically banned saying "Suspicious Activity" :)
  12. I heard people that contacted support regarding about lag, and the replies they got was asking them not to contact support about lag, but post here on the forum instead. So, what should we REALLY do?! ^_^
  13. WTH is going on? I usually don't dc that much, but just now I dc'ed while bidding at Cold Storage, I was even planning on bidding the x13 Stingers. Then joined a pt for Yeti for daily, entered the dungeon then I dc'ed again randomly... Really?... WTH?! This is so frustrating, mostly when it takes so long to log back.........
  14. Soul Fighter was never released for Lyn to begin with.