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  1. OAO Hime thank you SO MUCH for working so hard to get this to happen. *HUGS* This news is kinda shocking.
  2. @Hime Heya Hime, May I ask... will it be possible to dye this new outfit? I like the design of it but was hoping to change the colours to suit my astro. Thanks in advance!
  3. Heya Justin, I'm very sad to see you go. Having you around has been an absolute blessing and I'm gonna miss you so much. I hope whatever you decide to do or wherever you go, you'll have the best of luck and happiness! If for some reason you decide to come back to NCsoft anytime in the future, you'll be welcomed with open arms. Love you tons Justin!! <3
  4. Heya Jazzy, I have a question. Will your clan be doing TT raid anytime by chance?
  5. Yes I am, however I'm on my main, feel free to messege me on "Myuuta". ^u^
  6. Heya Shen! I wouldn't mind meeting and hanging out sometime if you want. I have a character named Sae, who is already in a relationship with another guy, but I'm sure the 2 of them would like meeting other gay couples/people so they wouldn't feel so alone. We're both currently around lv 46-47 and in Mushin server. You can messege here if you wanna meet in game sometime? Might be hard unless you make a discord server for all the people you wanna have in your RP/friend group. My timezone is East coast NA, usually on at evenings/late nights. Also, nice to meet ya! 8D
  7. @Liinxy If the next big update/6-14 is the revamp of crafting system, is it worth it to start aiming to make outfits or should we just wait for the revamp? I haven't even started crafting materials for the outfits yet and have no idea if I have enough time to get the items, especially if the certificates are now harder to get. And can we even get the outfits after the update that doesn't require PvP? I just wanna know if I'll be wasting my time/money trying for at least 1 of the outfits or should I just wait? Would VERY appreciate an answer, thank you!! QmQ
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