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  1. Heya Jazzy, I have a question. Will your clan be doing TT raid anytime by chance?
  2. Are you into yaoi? [Mushin Server]

    Yes I am, however I'm on my main, feel free to messege me on "Myuuta". ^u^
  3. Are you into yaoi? [Mushin Server]

    Heya Shen! I wouldn't mind meeting and hanging out sometime if you want. I have a character named Sae, who is already in a relationship with another guy, but I'm sure the 2 of them would like meeting other gay couples/people so they wouldn't feel so alone. We're both currently around lv 46-47 and in Mushin server. You can messege here if you wanna meet in game sometime? Might be hard unless you make a discord server for all the people you wanna have in your RP/friend group. My timezone is East coast NA, usually on at evenings/late nights. Also, nice to meet ya! 8D
  4. End of Crafty Collector Achievement?

    @Liinxy If the next big update/6-14 is the revamp of crafting system, is it worth it to start aiming to make outfits or should we just wait for the revamp? I haven't even started crafting materials for the outfits yet and have no idea if I have enough time to get the items, especially if the certificates are now harder to get. And can we even get the outfits after the update that doesn't require PvP? I just wanna know if I'll be wasting my time/money trying for at least 1 of the outfits or should I just wait? Would VERY appreciate an answer, thank you!! QmQ