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  1. How to upgrade a stage 4 bracelet?

    next time you buy an account, learn the game you bought an account on.
  2. Clan bonus broke

    This has been going on for months. It breaks every other week. Reposting since my other post got deleted
  3. Where the sunfire boxes at?

    you can reply about some dumb rng box you have to give away to get games so people can try out for worlds, but cant answer stuff about in game bonus that has been broke for months?
  4. lol......... not sure why u post this now since its been a thing for years.
  5. Garnets in TSM NM

    because the general pop, cant do DD HM, how do you expect them to do something harder than that to get a pink gem?
  6. what?>! you are kidding right? go gear up holy ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ stop begging to have ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ for 500k. 500k is NOTHING anymore. omg im getting so tilted by the way you people come on here and cry. no wonder we cant have nice things on BNS NA
  7. but who really cares for a title that you will never wear? Since sept 1 2018 i have wore 1 title and that is Star of the Show. even tho i got turtle title 1st try, i got speed kill titles in HM. titles are so useless. they add no value to stats like other games NCsoft runs. the fact this post was made was because someone somewhere was so upset they couldnt clear turtle on alts and get titles. like luca said, there has been 1 event where people who just started or have put forth zero effort to gear up because they are waiting on cost savings couldnt get a title. its not like they were locked from the event, they were just locked on title. we need more End game events, this game does not have many more dungs to come out. so why always fold towards people that could use a cost savings on a wep? why cant we get more END game gear events
  8. arena and doing dmg in PVE are 1000000% different ends of the game my dude. takes no gear to hold elo in arena. and if you looked up top players in Arena and tried to see if the same people are top in 6v6 then you would see my point. beat this event for a purple title you aint going to wear anyways. Grats! thanks for proving my point that you would rather cry on the forums than go farm to upgrade
  9. To be 100% honest this post is what is wrong with NA/EU. in KR they get special titles for being top 10. we get a title for just killing it in the allowed time. Everyone should have had enough time to do upgrades with the Nerfs to cost of gear and Nerfs to Raids to get gear. not only that but w/ Trove being out and over all making TT wep mats and Soul cost cut. If you missed your chance to upgrade then. why are you here now crying that you cant do the DPS needed? I really wish NCWest would just give us what KR got, and only top 10 players got a title. because what is the point of being end game player and having the same stuff as everyone eles? there is only 1 thing in BNS that truly locks you out of titles and that is CM. because if you are bad at CM. you will never get a title. but that is not the point. the point is you need to take advantage of the reductions that NCwest works hard to get for you and upgrade. Stop sitting on gold, stop coming on to forums and crying about this or that., go play the game. go farm mats, GO UPGRADE, go do more dps
  10. Game improvments

    Since i always get told to come here from support but i dont see a real good spot to post this ill just do it here. 1) its 2k19, why do we not have a color wheel to support Hair and outfit colors? we have preset colors. 2) drop rates of break through items shouldnt be 2% or less. I farmed DD normal mode for the bracelet and did 37 runs to NOT see it. but i seen belts, earrings, merchants with in these 37 runs, why are major breakthroughs gated so hard by poop drop rates? 3) why do we not have an account bank yet? so we can stop mailing items such as gems,mats and other stuff to alts. they are account bound, so give us an account bank. so we can just store or pull from its according. 4) why can you not have min gear to get in to 6v6? all i see is people fresh out of story or not even through story getting in to games and just making it an un-fun place to be. this applies to all elos. anyways number 1-3 should be brought up to the dev team. and the 4th one prob cant get helped because of how old the game is. but anyways there is my 2 cents, take it. its free
  11. idk why people think Raid determines "max" but cya later. no need for you to keep posting just move on early the 15th is close enough to stop logging on a games forum that you will no longer play
  12. PLAY the game? stop asking for handouts. i have gold/oil/pet pods/mats stacked in my bank because i am maxed geared and have nothing to spend them on, oh and when season rewards comes i have HMC to buy 20 keys a day. know how this is possible? by playing the game.
  13. Thank you so much for not backing out of the cost, I do not understand why everyone in NA thinks they should get everything cheap AF. I dont know why people w/o max, And i mean MAX gear, care so much about maxed out new item. duh, yall have other gear to work on.
  14. I'm talking about that time yall messed up trove and fixed it in 3 hours. But boss 2 is broken due to lack of testing and everyone is now going to miss out on quest for the week. But that's ok right we have trove.....
  15. when am i going to get a hot fix to, fix this bracelet that you all broke for a second time in 1 year. i have a new raid to do and you all just messed my dmg so much