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  1. I think it is because NA was never made to ever get caught up to KR dmg, There for they limit it all to top rank of CM, where u spend hours breaking scores, or you ask players in CN what glitches/bugs you can do to get extra points that most ppl wont know/do. This is another reason why NA has been at 20/20 HM scrolls for the past 1.5 years?(kr as 75 or more, TW was at like 45 last i seen) also why we are locked on 16 skill points (more if u get amulet to drop) (kr has like 25-30, even TW has way more than NA) The devs want to limit what we can get, so when we can get it people are willing t
  2. Yeah I also got robbed an outfit I spend money on. But no worries give it few more weeks I feel its gonna get worse. Wait for item reversals to come down the road also. There no way ncsoft gonna allow hundreds of ppl to keep upgrades with exploited pet pods :). Next long maintenance I'm sure you will receive notice of such things happening as they have done in the last 2. Wait till you can log on to tell you what they did. I just hope when that day comes they dont revert ppl who had items day 1.
  3. The fact that you claim to have played bns for 11 years is laughable. But if that's the case you must be sitting on millions of gold because you had the insight of the 1st 4 years of the game before it made it to the west. Anyways you can stop Assuming things about people that hardly post on these dead fourms. I wouldnt waste my time afking dailies not even on an alt. Not even if gold values were changed back.
  4. This has been in KR for over 8 months, you need to learn to check up on what they get and plan on somehow getting it here also. just like the pay to win pet/soul psyches from last trove. EVERY end game player knew KR had these. we just didnt know when/how we would get them. well we found out last trove didnt we. =)
  5. 3rd spec fm is ping frdly and does crazy dmg in 6v6/arena/pve.
  6. tell me something i dont know about how the game works. if you are speaking to someone like this you must think noone knows this. EU DD is just factored in to playing BNS. real monkaS if you think players are unaware of how it works. also you both are strawmaning this post off topic, NA has not seen compensation for a very long time its well over due when its extended 2 hrs. even E7 compensates their players if its 5 mins past time. not sure why the NA player base as got so lazy to ask what is over due.
  7. This MMO that i played for 4 years on NA is not ment to be played on EU, not only that fact alone, but i have already got gold in 1v1 ladder in EU. There is nothing eles to do on that server for a NA player. and you must not play this game much if you wondering why im upset about extra 2 hours on top of a 10 hour shut down, 10 hour notice before servers got moved from ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ dallas to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ east coast, like you really must not play the game if you forgot about current event, yeah i lost 10 hours of afk farming, then lost another 2 hours of getting dailies done, SO i can go play o
  8. Who wants to log on a EU server when your main account is on NA. what you gonna do on the other server? afk fish for mats that you will never use to upgrade because you dont play on that server? oh joy your brain so big Cathy.
  9. Where is NA compensation for the delays? Also how are you going to Compensate people whos ping you just tripled. really shady ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ doing this with no heads up. yall should offer refunds to people who got affected with this (last notice server location change). there is no point to play this game on what 2/3s the country is going to be forced on now. Who cares that you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ over 2/3s the states and Canada, if you save some money on server cost right?
  10. First off, Im an end game player been playing for quiet a while (since launch). I was just wondering a few things and time frame on when we might get them. 1) 35 AP achievement (CC, H0, SP) dungeon. It should have been out with SP, we now have HH (last gold scale dung.) and this is not out. 2) More skill points, I have watched other regions and they all almost can max out their skill pages (we currently have 16 points. and few more if you count the amulet) 3) HM scroll points. KR has 75 i think? we have been at 20 for almost a year now. 4)are any of the year 1 outfits coming back
  11. 1) its not broken, even tho ice SF does not use the proc, Earth does. 2) SF does burst kinda low, but after 20s normally sustains higher than other classes. 3) if you want the proc from your brac, you can still use it. It is over all more dps to use an rmb every 20seconds.
  12. Look. You have to use an oil. Ok sucks for some ok. But you didnt have to use a pts as also stated before. If you have 60 scales and all other mats I'm 100% sure using 3 oils is your problem. If you are in fact here just to complain you did it. Move on and upgrade your wep as it is in game. It is not staff on the forums problem that KR put it that way in our game. Just be grateful you are not waiting 1 month for the next dungeon to come out. Because that is how it really should be upgraded.
  13. next time you buy an account, learn the game you bought an account on.
  14. This has been going on for months. It breaks every other week. Reposting since my other post got deleted
  15. you can reply about some dumb rng box you have to give away to get games so people can try out for worlds, but cant answer stuff about in game bonus that has been broke for months?
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