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  1. It's a matter of wifi signal unstability and the game being overzelous kicking you out... and the whole design of what happens next makes it ridicolous. "we lost the signal for 1 second, the dude surely detached this modem cable by chioce and does not want to play anymore today, let's close the game" - makes perfect sense. Not.
  2. I started playing this game recently, but I really do not understand why this game force closes at any disconnect. And if I try to reconnect right away, it says I am already logged in. Basically if your connection hiccups, you are banned from the game for 15 minutes. If you are just playing pve solo, it's disappointing. If you are in the end of a long dungeon, it is a disaster. I have not such a bad design chioce for years, is there really any reason for this? In any other they you would be kicked to the character select screen, and would lose 30 seconds to a minute, why
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