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  1. 41 minutes ago, Vyd said:

    its been 2 month, why do ppl still complain? the other classes are just as broken on their respective fields

    why dont you complain about kfm and  their hour long iframes,or the shitton  utility of SF

    or bd and destros infinite spin, and oh wait, if you time your attack badly you even get stunned

    what about summoners who are just straightup simplemode in every aspect of the game?

    or gunners that 100-0 you in a matter of seconds

    but wait, there are forcemasters too, that can stall with being in the air,and frozen for a minute

    then there are assassins,i dont think that needs an explanation


    wardens are literally punchingbags be it pve or pvp

    it was also stated that the devs wanted to create more tanks in the game with wardens, if it would be as mech intensive as a kfm, ppl wouldnt play it at all

    and it would ve been pointless to add it to the game(to me kfm is just too much hassle to even try)


    take blade ward away and wardens are nothing, thats their signature skill,even sentry stance wont save you from a destoryer  that cc chains u till you start puking ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.

    another thing is, you do realise wardens are left defenseless for a good 6 sec if they go raidpath and not stormdragon,thats where the "mech" part kicks in

    because the ammount of animationlock wardens get is just ludicrous(w/o bladeward wardens cant even do their rotations), if you dont watch the buff disappear an unlucky attack can fk up your whole party cause you got knocked away, you can play with the soulbadges,but those are just small additions compared to other classes badges


    i bet half of the players base that cuss on wardens, didnt even try the class, or whaled on it so much that mechs are essentially not needed and just call it op

    but if you whale enough, it doesnt matter what class you play, you can even transform into a megalodon in about 100k ncoin, and junghado will not save u from megalodons



    Every you wrote from start to finish is horseshit like do you even play the game or warden at all??

  2. 23 minutes ago, JoannaRamira said:

    Good news to you all.. The annoying requirements to have 3 Brilliant keys just to open the God Forsaken Mechanizer box now gone..or at least will be gone at December 6th.


    The dungeon itself however.. well still annoying as usual.

    what do you mean december 6th? after todays maintence you dont need 3 keys.

  3. 1 hour ago, azraelkun said:

    Ok just up the effect visibility up to 3 leve rest as it is

    Nope that effect visibilty thingy isnt working. the whole thing with using optimize for combat was to not see the skill effect of other players. so with optimaze for combat hiding everything with skill effects,i used the monster effect option to see my skills, boss/mobs effects and now that option is gone im stuck with setting everything to max and that comes with lots of uneccesary stuff.

  4. Hei, before 1st june there was an option in graphic settings called monster effect that let me see boss effects and my skills effects, now that effect is gone i cant see either my skills or boss/mobs skill effects unless i set everything to max...


    any help regarding this? thanks in advance.



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