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  1. Stop Lobby harassment please (Repost)

    Just going to say this is the nastiest community I have ever played with in an MMO. I have played WOW, Guild Wars 2, Aion, COH/COV, SWTOR,FF14, Rift, ect ....you get the idea. Never have I come across such nasty, insulting, presumptuous bunch as I have in this game. It's a real shame too, because this is the type of game you really need to rely on people to get upgrades ect and it is due to the personalities in this game I no longer participate in dungeons. I don't want to have to quit, but I can not team with anyone in game but my own real life best friend due to the attitudes, A good example was just this past event. I came in lagging very badly and said sorry I have a lot of lag only to be met with a bunch of people telling me to get a better computer or go home and telling me I was a "tag on"...as if I was just there to leech off them and not participate. The truth is, my connection just sucked. It does happen once in awhile...even to the best of us. This is a pretty sad community.
  2. What if you had no idea they event was extended and had traded them in as soon as you logged on May 2?
  3. Rude, unacceptable Support behaviour

    I have only ever had wonderful, helpful responses from support. They get back to me within 24 hours or less and even compensated me for things even though it was my fault or misunderstanding on my end.
  4. Class change question

    Oh that makes sense then. I must have been mistaken. Thanks!
  5. Class change question

    If I change my Jin Sin to a Jin Kung Fu master, do the weapon skins I have for the dagger switch over to bracers or will I get stuck with a Kung Fu master with an inventory of Dager skins I can not use?
  6. Any images of the dagger/razor sheath for the Saberfang weapon skin? I hate that we can't ever preview that.
  7. Premium membership outfits

    I was wondering with the new system changes for premium membership if we will continue to get an exclusive outfit. I was also wondering for those of us or have yet to renew their membership if we will still have a chance at the samurai armor set. I have been waiting to get that set but I have to wait for this year's premium to end so i can renew and get that and it's only a few months away and I would be really upset if they took that away. Any news on this? It was not mentioned on the live stream.
  8. Silver Saberfang accessories.

    So SO happy to hear this! I want every piece of this outfit and all the accessories! Wish me luck lol!
  9. Will we be getting the silver Saberfang pet and weapon skins to go with the outfit? They have them in Asia.
  10. I have a whole inventory full of unopened weapon skin boxes I want to use with other characters but can't. So there they sit. I know i am not the only one to ask this.
  11. Make more stuff account bound please.

    If nothing else they HAVE to make unopened weapon skin boxes account bound. I have a whole inventory full of unopened weapon skin boxes I want to use with other characters but can't. So there they sit. I know i am not the only one to ask this.
  12. Same Hairstyle when u wear Headgear !!

    I love getting new hair styles with the different accessories. It's fun. I love switching up my toon's look.
  13. Raven or Baleful?

    Wow...thanks a lot. Ok...will do.
  14. Raven or Baleful?

    I am a level hongmoon 11 BM who has reached Baleful10. Now I have to make a choice. Should I continue on the baleful track or switch to Raven? Dawnforged and Seraph are also an option. I have heard I should proceed to baleful 11 or 12 then switch to Raven bc it would save me materials. I want some advice before I proceed. Thanks!
  15. Oh those are nice! Somehow I must have missed them or I just don't remember them.