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  1. way to the west chapter 1 help

    the warriors journey never ends.... that's why the story line never ends.
  2. 2018 Blade and Crash and 64bit is giving me fps bug

    -Dont use windowed mode. -Dont use max settings. -Dont Run multiple apps in the same time while using bns. -Use 32 bit client. -when u enter bns press alt+enter, you will get true full screen -disable slide show -dont play without plugging you charger. this might help you. i hope your problem gets solved!
  3. yes. i do farm it too.i can make 105soulstonecrystal, 85soulstone/30min in that place.
  4. solak soul...

    why? no i disagree
  5. solak soul...

    Solak soul can be upgraded to stage 4 soul so it gives +6 ap. but i need 140 gold to upgrade it to stage 4 ! (10 for upgrade and 130 for transformation stones!!) why is it too expensive? please make it more cheaper...
  6. useless F7

    f7 is not useless . just like amokk said its for msp,dkv,fas,sjf.
  7. Piggy lyn army

    whats that place name?
  8. too much freeze, on a nvidia geforce 930mx ?

    ok solved, use 32 bit client .
  9. lol please explain me this please. before i have 38-20 fps , now i have 7-14 fps? oh? what happend? please tell me how to fix this...... this is not normal. and with ping lag... thats not normal at all..... ping lag + fps lag = what?
  10. dungeons and legendary drops

    lol if they make it 100 gold you cry, if they make it 3 copper you cry. having it for 3 copper start is better , so i get nf belt easily
  11. " What's going on NCSoft? There are Hm18 gunners because of your trove, haven't you ruined your game enough???????" i agree.
  12. Which are the basic Jewelry that can be evolved?

    it can drop from desolate tomb,foundry,sanctum,ebondrake citadel for 3 copper. (was 100g before) )
  13. Which are the basic Jewelry that can be evolved?

    what about ring? get bt ring if u get raven/riftwalk 6. or you will have a low ap. so get draken ring to have more accurcay so you have more dps.