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  1. So everytime i sell a sale on f9 worth of 100/200 gold no body buys it after almost 6 hours. And venture tokens dosent seem to drop at all. unless i have luck. So how do i get hongmoon coins? oh my god please remove f9 its soo useless. make an npc where we can exchange gold for hongmoon coins please please i beg you ;_;
  2. OMG

    just becare full , they might do a bad change without telling us, just like last patch, they removed venture token from low ranking in TOI without telling us
  3. Only whales can use merchant of wonders. Really?? ANSWER NOW
  4. FPS Optimization, Nvidia GPU (non-client mod)

    dosent work What quests has to do with graphics?? dumb fix
  5. Alright, so the new event is to get a fletting pet , upgrade it, and also with rng?? and then exchange for items?? like the past one?? What's the next going to be?? You get a fletting badge and you have a chance to upgrade it to a VT badge? and the next one is going to be a fletting weapon and you exchange for items or upgrade to a permenant aransu weapon? AND all of them with RNG? please NCSoft... at least make them with no rng.. please..
  6. Blade & Soul should be renamed to lag and soul. Never saw a laggy game like this, with bad optimisation and high ping.
  7. FPS Optimization, Nvidia GPU (non-client mod)

    Dosent work at all. Nothing changes. I still have drops and trash fps. Don't say that i have a bad pc.
  8. same issue here
  9. 20 to 30 fps only

    well , how do i force the game to use my nvidia geforce then? i have 100+fps in other games. No lag No drops at all Same thing.
  10. 20 to 30 fps only

    Hi, i am getting sick of this, and its making me want to quit the game, in blade and soul i have alot of fps drops. i tried all soulutions nothing works. i only have a limited fps from 20 to 30. why? My PC is very strong, in other games i have 120-60 fps. No lag at all My PC specs : Windows 10 Home Single Language 8 GB Ram 1TB HDD 64 Bit operating system Intel Core i5-7200 CPU @ 2.50 GHz 2.71 GHz Nvidia Geforce 930MX Please help me..
  11. Leveling after act 9

    Act 9? What? there is only act 8 right now Act 9 will be comming on 15aug or 25 july
  12. [POSSIBLE FIX] Regarding 64-Bit Client!

    Can this ruin my laptop? please answer :(
  13. [Red Mask] Drop Rate! -_-

    i got it in one run long ago
  14. Low FPS on a really good pc

    Stuck at 40 fps? Press O, go to > Graphics > FPS Limit > 120