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  1. Bring back the Ebondrake Wheel

    i want it too
  2. Fire and Blood update

    No it dosent contain. It contains .... well i better not spoil it
  3. Jinsoyun and Scammers

    LOL dont trust these peapoles...
  4. New melee class for Lyns

    i want a lyn destroyer and a lyn sin. (its a joke)\ Other classes dosent fit lyn race. (like sf, des,sin,kfm...)
  5. let me clear something about SSP

    i got problems with ssp too. i play on eu, there not many players in ssp but the problem is when i want to farm soulstones, a whale comes and then kills mobs that gives prestige quickly and i gain no points... there is only 2 channels in ssp.. there must be more..
  6. i'm gonna leaving the game

    LOL dont quit a game because of an item. its called a rage quit :o Dont lose hope. you can get it. it has a chance of dropping. it drops a random ring/earring. oh and btw, i got my shadow earring for my wl in my 2nd run (i think)
  7. Upgrade it yes. please dont trash it. when you get bt elemental ring, and legendary belt, you can trash, not getting directly the heroic elemental ring or earring.
  8. Areas that kill frames :[

    Hide charecter, use alt + enter, dont use max graphic settings..
  9. where can i get the bottom of every final gear?

    ignitor,igneous,scotia are better! dont look to the attack power, but look at the elemental damage. also, the daily challenge is not only 10 gold. you can get 1,10,100,1000 gold. one of these. the chance for 1g and 10g are high, and for 100 and 1000 g are low.
  10. Forgot PIN number

    http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/ go here then click on "My Account" then click on "Settings" then go to "Change PIN". You will see "Forgot PIN?", click on it , then follow what the page says. edit : you can also tell the support to reset your pin.
  11. way to the west chapter 1 help

    the warriors journey never ends.... that's why the story line never ends.
  12. 2018 Blade and Crash and 64bit is giving me fps bug

    -Dont use windowed mode. -Dont use max settings. -Dont Run multiple apps in the same time while using bns. -Use 32 bit client. -when u enter bns press alt+enter, you will get true full screen -disable slide show -dont play without plugging you charger. this might help you. i hope your problem gets solved!
  13. yes. i do farm it too.i can make 105soulstonecrystal, 85soulstone/30min in that place.
  14. solak soul...

    why? no i disagree
  15. solak soul...

    Solak soul can be upgraded to stage 4 soul so it gives +6 ap. but i need 140 gold to upgrade it to stage 4 ! (10 for upgrade and 130 for transformation stones!!) why is it too expensive? please make it more cheaper...