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  1. when i enter mushin tower i see peapoles running. then, they afk whole day on the "vault/marketplace/mail/shop".
  2. what are the 4 ways?! there is only 2 ways, the second one is cash shop if your gonna say sell gold i dont want to cuz f9 became a joke. 1:3/1:6 ratio is bad
  3. +1 then how about to remove crimson legion and cerulean order factions and replace it with "whales and f2p" hmmm
  4. so there was an initiate crimson legion at soulstone plains - french server (naksun) and i was trying to kill him, then he used teleport (not escape) and he was moving quickly to get away from and he was grabing injured soliders. is this a hacker?
  5. when i go play bns it takes 5 minutes to use a skill.... 10 minutes to accept a quest.... oh really? i am gonna play with 1555 ms for ever??? fix this now ! fix it! tired of playing with lag.
  6. oh really? you need to do skybreak spire first. then make a group to do that. you cant do temple of evelium now. because it requies a very high gear.
  7. on higher deungons. (nf,ns,el)
  8. i am farming them. and legendary drop rate is bad. i did 56 / 60 dt runs, only saw 1 legendary, and rest none.
  9. drop rate is bad
  10. why not? they need to boost legendary drop rate..... i dont want to do the same thing 10000000 times to get a good gear.
  11. look whos talking. do story first. no one will accept with 480 ap. if i see you i will kick you. when your with 800/700 ap you might enter
  12. always new deungons.... and when i request peapoles to carry me they dont want... even my clan wants to have me with that 900 ap.... oh my god are you planing to keep whales only? i keep doing the same deungons every day. i cant do new deungons.... what is going on? i am starting to be mad.
  13. dont get level 50 voucher. start a fresh level1 charecter. those who says o "its not worth it" are trollers and wants to ruin the game.
  14. to get 1 nc coin you have to spend money, and i dont have money.