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  1. " What's going on NCSoft? There are Hm18 gunners because of your trove, haven't you ruined your game enough???????" i agree.
  2. Which are the basic Jewelry that can be evolved?

    it can drop from desolate tomb,foundry,sanctum,ebondrake citadel for 3 copper. (was 100g before) )
  3. Which are the basic Jewelry that can be evolved?

    what about ring? get bt ring if u get raven/riftwalk 6. or you will have a low ap. so get draken ring to have more accurcay so you have more dps.
  4. Mushin Tower Ranking

    So whales uses exploit?? and they dont ban them? seriously....? when crimson whales come and solo 33/75 million bosses they use exploit?
  5. Seriously?!

    why did you destroy the soulstone plains? why unbound elites, terrors in crimson/ceru base only gives 21 prestige points? why suljun/konta has 68 prestige point only? why?? bring them back to 150 prestige points please.
  6. Ivorymoon weapon

    ivorymoon weapons got removed.
  7. Best PvE Solo Class?

    wl is best. soulburn buff.
  8. Game went bad for me

    Equip Ceruleen Order Uniform / Crimson Legion Uniform.
  9. Baleful 12 or Raven 2?

    me as wl i'll do seraph12>riftwalk 6>raven6.
  10. High AP Hypocrisy

    whats your ap? i have 844 ap.
  11. i can do heavens mandate on solo. :) so i have no problem. and i am not a whale :)
  12. Act IV, Chapter 17: HELP

    yes i know it is. you can solo this. to not die follow the true shot guy and do hes moves. if you have a true pirate awknd siren old path weapons salvage this. and if you have a ivormoon weapon salvage it.
  13. Material chest

    reach level 50 and come back here
  14. Legendary Accessories

    i got my legendary jewlery after 6/5 months.
  15. Premium stone-is that even legal?

    transmuting is not legal...