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  1. Almost all in game events were made to help low geared players or alts catch up and do new content. Of course, not every players can benefit from it, especially, whales with max gear or whales with one character. These types of event was designed as "intend." If you want changes to these events better start learning korean.
  2. I find this situation odd and unethical as a whole. On Livestream, the assistant producer said, "Now everything may not be finalized," that I understand. But to say, "One radiant energy equals one gem powder" to the whole community before deciding on this change, is madness. Now, the community is full of rage and discontent with the decision you have made. I don't understand why the game producers would make this decision on a major update. To what benefit do you gain from making this change? I get that you are ultimately responsible for timely delivery and the final quality of th
  3. Looks like we have another Robert (Trolling) Bowling amongst us.
  4. Another screw up after patch on NCWest part. What they should've done is release level 55 patch first before gunner. But no, people are too hyped about gunner being released in other regions. So why would they release gunner so early? mhm... business. When you look at it from a business or a game company perspective profit comes first. So what's a great way to gain maximum profit? By releasing gunner when trove comes around, genius! But hey, who can say no to trove and gunner being release? Trove and gunner were a way to distract the masses from the problems in game. While players
  5. If you don't like how players recruit in F8, then why don't you make your own party, or run it with your clan? Yes, it would be a nice addition as another source to get pvp accessories like other MMOs did through accumulating a fixed amount of points. But, each game has their own method of gear progression.
  6. One does not simply purchase 50 pieces of soulstones for 1006g. That is not possible unless you were hammered. What's bullcrap about this post is that 50 soulstones for 1006g would not appear on the cheapest page, 1st page. With soulstones at 32-34 sliver, it will cost each soulstone about 20g. And that should appear on the last page. Did you hit the last page icon by mistake to buy soulstones? Honestly, no one can help you with this. What you lose is what you have to live with. Just double check and read before you buy anything from F5.
  7. You should have known by now that legendary accessories are RNG-based loot from dungeons. If it was obtainable from what you suggested, it would be too easy to farm. And everyone would have it. It mostly adds longevity to the game. Without items being RNG, players would go through all of the content and get everything too quickly.
  8. The event is meant to help new players or alts who are still in baleful/seraph to catch up with the older players. So they can also do new content. This is due to people complaining about how hard it is to upgrade their weapon and not making enough gold. Farm it! Jeez, what you expect to be spoonfed? The stone makes a huge difference for lower-tier weapons. However, the stone makes minuscule changes for dawnforged/riftwalk due to the jump in price of the STS. With STS at 18-19g, you need 15 of them for stage 1-3 and 20 for stage 4-6. It cost more than one SPTS for stage 4-6. So when you compar
  9. Honestly, it really isn't that hard to figure out. We have the internet for a reason. Like c'mon, use your brain and do some research. This game has been out for years, alright. People have been saying this many occasions that it was going to happen. We tried veterans and no one listened. And here it is, we told you so. Yet people still wanted to race for raven like I'm the cool kid on the block. Almost all Asian mmos have more than one region. If you follow the trends, you would know what changes are coming up. Such as, new tier weapons and what mats are required for it, new cosme
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