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  1. Der Prakti hat den USB-Stick mit Kaffee überschüttet und den Key für den SFTP-Setver finden sie vllt nicht mehr ^^
  2. Zwischenwartung ist das eine - geplante Maintenance etwas anderes. Insbesondere wenn du dir mal die Uhrzeiten zu gemüte führst, solltest du feststellen, was eine höhere Priorität haben sollte und das dann mal mit der Ist-Situation vergleichen ;-). Übrigens sollten Fragen (auch kritischer Natur) immer erlaubt sein und gestellt werden.
  3. "Absolut Unglücklich" trifft es gut... Im Sinne der besseren Kommunikation mal eine ganz offene Frage, sind die NA Server irgendwie "besser" oder wie kann es sein das NA 1h früher fertig ist und mal angenommen das Sie die gleichen Config-Dateien verwenden noch dazu funktionieren. Oder werden bei uns Wartungsarbeiten nicht so hoch priorisiert? Insbesondere im Hinblick das in EU im Moment "Primetime" ist und in NA gerade so der Tag begonnen hat?
  4. Material- and Skill-wise the event was rlly good. If viewed from the PvP-aspect the event was rlly crappy -> exploits, funny matchmaking, uneven matchmaking (0 critdeff, duoing with low-chars), dcing, afking, ... Nope.
  5. Yeah therefore normally there is something called elo-decay...
  6. Efficiency can only be compared to your peer-group - because the swiper would be the most efficient -> 0 time, full reward ;-). The problem is also not that you need time - but that you cannnot have all gems (if you are not lucky) and that atm causals are unable to catchup.
  7. Unfortunately we wont get a class change ticket... :-(
  8. Ah stop the posting - some players will not acknowledge hard facts anyway :D Also all FMs are only PvE-heroes and stuff - kapp - irionie off
  9. Yeah well - if they ban 1 guy - they could also bann noone - and it is still a joke. And this will only lead to 1 of 2 conclusions: 1) Players leave because they feel scammed - this should be a PvP mode and there is ELO abusing - what a joke. 2) Next time there is an exploit - there will be even more exploiting - because you get not punished anyway...
  10. Yeah - but i do not see it now. Furthermore if NCW is not able to do it now - why should i thrust them to do it tomorrow...
  11. Yeah well we wil find out anyway - and hopfully then hell breakes loose... But yeah - it is more than sad that the removing process takes this long.
  12. You first statement is only true for real money. Because you are right in theory if everybody gets an infinite amount of boxes the chances are (/or should be) the same. But Buying boxes with ingame gold is limited - so the results are not necessary equal and there can be lucky players and some that are not so lucky. it is the free decision which dungeon to run, yes. But you are wrong nonetheless. Due to the fact that NCW controls the game and the rewards a dungeon holds they also control what players are doing. For example - why should you run "older dungeons" when there is nothin
  13. To my knowledge - heavenly energy is not an event - but an alternate form to buy/trade things.
  14. I have gear - but i am annoyed by some of the things in WWV too. Also i know some players that have max gear (besides gems, but weapon and soul done, also legendary pet) and they are also not happy. And yes his MS argument is idiotic - but most other things are very true. Due to dropping prices making profits isn't very easy atm. ^^
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