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  1. I find it odd that it still drops considering the dynamic doesn't giv keys anymore. Unless u don't need the pirate keys to open it anymore. I solo'd 20+ yesterday and didn't c him drop a key himself. Do u still need the keys to open it? Also didnt c a chest in those runs either. If they still drop it was nerfed to fuq or i had terrible luck
  2. To me anyway I always like glamour options for my weapon and so forth so i'm kind of bummed that our mains for example just can't get these weapons. I mean their appearances can even be exported but if your on your main and have obviously done the story already they aren't obtainable least from my knowledge so making them account bound for skin swapping seemed like a no-brainer. I haven't seen many of the weapons however so I assume they hav different or just palette swapped versions of current weapons which i wouldn't mind either since this game has no dye system. Just a suggestion
  3. Cuz most ppl either hav too much ping to stop it in the 3s it takes to get stunned, panic, or they simply don't know that Typhoon resists for 1s and only resists Daze,Knockback, and Stun, but not Knockdown or Knock ups. It's pretty obvious wut can and can't b resisted just b using skills during boss attacks tho again knockdowns can b iffy ie: u can tab spin Ironheart's Dbl arm smash which induces knockdown but not Ogong's overhead pole smash. Knockdowns in this game r vague
  4. K I hav to post now cuz im sick of this myth being thrown around even after a yr of this game being out here. Wanna stop a Destroyer's Typhoon? Knockdown them or Knock them up. It's that simple. I haven't tested to c if all knockdowns can equally stop Typhoon cuz knockdowns vary on this game even in PvE with what can and can't be resisted but another Destroyer for example just has to axe sweep anyone dumb enough to try and red spin them or Searing Strike + Scorching Strike to knock them into the air. Do ur research ppl b4 u ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about stupid things
  5. Oh, my mistake. I've never seen those procs they were getting. Just assumed the 1m one was the soul. i didnt look at the date. Still 26k sustain during the first 30% wen Tai barely even moves is laughable. a kfm running solo boo buff can get more than that with scorpio with 700 AP. In any case my point still stands that Arashel has gear that welp pretty much no one else has being on top of bnscoffee and all. Ik i always sound so bitter, but it's just cuz i love destroyer. Maybe i just picked the wrong class since i only pve, but the last couple months hav been very frustrating. Kicked constant
  6. Sad fact is Duriensbane we aren't going to change cuz KR doesn't care about our balance they care about wut's balanced in their region. We"re gonna keep getting the same skill updates a month after KR even tho we're like 2 yrs behind and it's gonna further bastardize the NA balance. Fun fact: BM's r getting buffed even more in KR. U think if they cared a mod wud hav said something by this point after like 7 threads of this shit. Ik Jon said some stuff, but that's about it. It's too much work for them to class balance based on region it's already a nightmare to do it as it is. Ppl aren't annoye
  7. U realize Arashel is a Blue Whale right? A bm with that lvl of gear wud hav done over 100k to the twins and they recorded that Taikhain solo with the new p2w soul. Try comparing Arashel to HeHe in dmg there will b night and day difference. Destroyer is just a weak piece of garbage in pve and everyone knows it. I'm sick of these threads. Just wait till tower(If u hav the patience for that) or reroll and it's not JUST bm. Arashel has almost 900 AP.
  8. Still needs to crit for the focus recovery which is the entire point of the skill. Allowing it to activate without a crit doesn't help that it just removes already unnecessary rng
  9. Oh well my mistake. i thought u meant every class shud b able to clear the same content with equal gear/stats and well they shud in an rpg cuz that's balance, but welp enrage timers kinda put a wrench in all that
  10. So because we cud barely solo yeti with more AP than a FM that did it wen he had 1.5m more HP we're just bad and need to git gud? In any case i think this thread has been exhausted and anything that needed to b said is already done
  11. Did i say u? pretty sure i was referring to my personal experience. I'm not implying u can't. Is it easier or completely different with some classes over others? yes. A BM that does naksun with 400 AP is not gonna hav the same experience as a destroyer with 400 and on that. Naksun has a very generous enrage timer. I lost to naksun mainly due to my acc and yes i hit the enrage timer on mushin and junghado often, but i was a pretty shitty destroyer bac wen moonwater was the highest gear grade quite frankily
  12. Once ur at 600+ u won't hit enrage timers on most things meant to b solo'd if u hav gud ping and knowledge of the mechanics, but yes i hit enrage timers alot on the road to get there and was very frustrated. Right now the only time test im worried about is the 1m mushin kill, but i already watched a pro des do it and they needed 704 AP, iframe pots, and they actually went 2s over
  13. Y u bashing on bd man? alot of my best friends r bd's and even they agree destroyer needs some love just like they got and further i admit mechanically they r also more complicated than destroyer. I just eat 90% of attacks with one button. they hav to constantly keep moving and juggle like 5 iframes and 2 stances If enrage timers didn't exist honestly i wouldn't care, but sadly they do so yes it does annoy me wen i need higher gear requirements to clear content like mushin's tower because the timer just says "oh u took too long" *dead*
  14. Hav u ever tried to typhoon something by urself Asura level and up? it's unbearably slow. The point i was making is classes like Sum/Kfm/BM don't hav to swap skills every 5s to deal with mobs. Frankly i just find it annoying. i can't vouche for other classes Aoe potency, but i still assume it's better than earth des Yes i read everything and u apparently missed the point. That was PRE-nerf with a class that has a very difficult time stacking bleed so especially with his nerf it is not anywhere near impossible yet destroyer barely does it after the nerf with
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