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  1. BnsCefSubProcess64 process?

    seems like the whole server is down it's not just you
  2. the outfits can't be upvoted??

    ok nevermind i had to restart the browser, this might still be helpful if someone cant upvote aswell
  3. is it just me or.... i see people voting but i have no upvote button
  4. julymarte's sketch gallery

    commission profile picture for a friend i do accept Gold commissions for european servers only pm mefor informations
  5. julymarte's sketch gallery

    portrait commission for a friend portrait commissions 20$
  6. This is what is happening in EU.

    wow really ? i have no words
  7. i agree with shelly what happened is wrong but please let's not start another fire, the staff already close two threads about it , they are starting to notice what happened nd they will take a decision, hopefully the right one...hopefully, keeping to say you want it won't change the fact the author has stone pieces of other works of other artists, i know everyone should be able to express their opinion and pick a side even but please let's not start an argument again i know this thread id pacific for now but there are always trols ready to get the opportunity
  8. are you serious? what will the next contest be then? patchwork? one thing is inspiring one is straight up tracing and putting things together when i made mine i tried to be original and yes i did take inspiration from something, but it was another original work of mine who was vaguely inspired by some fashion photos still, i believe straight upo copying and tracing is bad in any case winner or not, i'm not mad cause he/she won and i didn't i'm mad cause if everyone can do a collage and win that's just not fair and is not really original to my eyes
  9. cause we did and it's useless to further go on
  10. well in the runner ups there's a copy/ heavily inspired of another existing outfit so it sounded kinda weird i mean for an asian rpg to have 2 alice in wonderland outfits?? maybe they'll keep them region locked/separated
  11. korea and china already have one and that's another reason why people is annoyed an alice in wonderlan outfit won the contest
  12. cause we later got to the conclusion that the dress is inspired while the rest is tracing the mask too is an elaboration of a traced work
  13. did you read what i said? i'm studying to become a comic artist and trust me i know what you're talking about character design is a whole different thing even when it comes to copy , cause there are other things on the table like character stereotypes, tributes, fashion you can't talk about tracing until you find two pictures that are straight up identical with only the clothes changed or a little detail added