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  1. Could you please help us NC... I mailed Support 21 hours ago, still no word or help and now I'm on way to lose day 2 of this event on Warden... have same issue and if they just would remove the old level 50 voucher and then give a new it would end at top of list and problem would be solved... seriously cant be so hard to help paying customers. Please help NC. and no I cant remove stuff I have saved for warden including xp charms which are all toon bound or outfits which cost stamps to mail or account bound mats that will then cost a ton of gold to mail, when a simple delete voucher
  2. I have played B&S ever since it came to EU zone, and have had little issues playing the game. My game hardly ever crashed, I had decent good FPS to play the game even at high graphics settings with out problems BUT then came Gunslinger patch and it broke the game completely for me and from what I see in region and faction chat every time I'm online clearly also for alot of other players. Now my game crash several times a day at any place and time in game, my FPS in raids and dungeons have dropped to an unplayable level of 20, 15 or even 10 FPS alot of times which makes game shu
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