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  1. But you can be 700+ without having a really good gear, you know? I don't have a good soul, nor a good pet. The pet really helps because of the defense. When they are 800+, they have maxed soul and maxed pet, not counting the legendary accessories... Right now I just left from a match where 3 of the guys were 820+, and 2 of them were destroyers. You know what this means, right? They spin forever, you can't cc them, you can barely do damage. I'm only going battleground for the moonstones, but if they don't fix this shit I will have to find another way of getting them, because this is really gett
  2. Totally agreed. I used to love battleground but it has been impossible to win since I always have HM 1~5 in my team, while the enemy team is full of whales... I don't understand the system behind this but it's certainly very dumb. I've been the most geared person in my teams and I'm only 720ap lol But still my poor team have to fight against 800~850ap guys, and they just one shot everybody because nobody in the team has critical defense. Like, what the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤? How am I supposed to win like this? How can everybody in my team have less than 600ap and no crit def but the enemy team has mostly
  3. Então quer dizer que tem outros brasileiros aqui além de mim? klsdfjsdfkl Não tô acreditando cara Sou brasileira e moro na França tem um tempo já, então não tenho esse problema mas sempre quis conhecer outros brasileiros né Já conheci muitos portugueses no meu server mas nunca nenhum br De que server vcs são galera? Sou do Starfall Crater
  4. Just few questions, to not take so long 1: BM's damage was always so broken like this? 2: I have 3k crit def and 120k HP, how the *cricket* can a BM kill me in 3 hits? 3: Is this shit going to be fixed? Thank you =)
  5. I met a girl once that was playing a male lyn... I found it interesting, and I really would like to see more male characters ingame. I don't get why almost all the boys play female characters, I would feel very weird playing a male character as a girl. I really don't understand, but anyway, this game needs more male characters!
  6. I think you should keep going with the main story and at the same time doing the optional quests where you are (blue ones, not dailies) and that's it.
  7. I must play very bad then because as an assassin I can't counter KFM's easily, especially in Open World PvP. I think KFM's are a very annoying class to play against, because they almost counter everything you do, and if you don't have your escape anymore you can wait to die there, because you won't be able to go out of their combos!
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