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  1. Okie.. just got out of cold storage with my little 425AP FM alt... My main is 545 with HM skills(let's be real it's cold storage) why would some asshat cry if I ask for a heroic charm to give my AP a boost when I know the mech was CCing the dung even after stepping back and being an *cricket*.. CC'd winter 2x... shit talking bleh bleh... over it I stepped back on said toon and CC'd rest of the fight. I don't get if a person creates and askes for a group in xserv stating their AP and capabilities.. why are you going to cry if they ask for something as stupid as a heroic harm to give a boost to
  2. Rant rant rant complain complain? okie.. You asked I delivered :P Just means I get off my butt and do some work around the house hehe.
  3. I asked a while back while in game, and someone had mentioned it. But I will give the craft basic a try. Want to get my Radiant ring truly maxed out and its stuck at Sparkling Hexa gems. next step is the Brilliant Hepta iirc. Will check into it a bit more. thx ^^
  4. I would go for petition support. A few months back I ran into an issue to there I HAD to change my email address. It took about 2 days but it was a done deal.
  5. Would like to see more ways to obtain Hepta gem fragments for crafting purposes. Have been told that they can drop from lvl 50 Heroic dungeons. but have never seen them. Can any1 post the ways available to us to obtain them atm? Thx.
  6. As a person with an alt with 405AP and yesterdays main daily's were cold storage and nexus. I asked in xserv for help to carry that toon through cold(refused to touch nexus). after 1-2 run where we failed. I went and asked a few friend to help. we burnt through it, and I was able to finish dailys. If you sub par for a dung. I recommend finding a few friend to help carry you. and if you can't you probably do not even need to be trying.
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