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  1. This is exactly what happened to me and as far as I know we dont get nothing. I sold out the RE after reading the update yesterday, and they come now saying giving more compensation, right after the maintenance started, because they could not do this before right?
  2. Hey, is it possible to send an outfit to my other char from greenhollow to windrest?
  3. Exactly, wardrobe was designed so ppl dont have to worry about their vault space. I feel you, I have all my vault unlocked and outfits/accesories takes like 4 lines? thats not much right now for me because I tend to keep clean my vault of unneccesary stuff, but still... And agree, I dont like how game outfits are protected to be destroyed or unable to put them on wardrobe. I also think they should allow us to atleast store game outfits that cannot be destroyed. Me too :(
  4. This feature is rlly needed for those who are fashionistas, vault wont save you long. Well, I could not tell you no, but lets deal with what we have I mean, we already pay alot for the outfits and looks is not enough that you even have to suscribe for the simple reason to store it... As I said in my previous post, there are still alot of more benefits that are useful as wardrobe, but I have to agree they should add/improve them because it doesnt make you feel premium. Lets keep this topic alive so they can hear (again) our needs about wardrobe an
  5. I like your idea about an item on store to buy wardrobe access, 1400 nc/hc would be good. Even if wardrobe is one of the reason ppl buy premium, there is alot of more features as useful as wardrobe. Obviously storage is important for her and everyone who buys outfits from store with hcoins. Thanks for clarifying me that student bundle can only be bought once, didnt know that. Exactly what I said, wardrobe is a useful feature, but there are more. I personally prefer my first idea (Make it so you have to pay 200 gold (can be discussed) in order to sto
  6. Wardrobe (F3) is known as the feature where you can see all (or most) outfits that have been in game, is also known that premium members are able to store outfits in it so in that way keep clean their vault and use them anywhere, but I also see the necessity for FTP players to have it, not for free of course. In this way we wont make wardrobe a useless benefit for those who pay premium membership (since they have it for free). Ideas Make it so you have to pay 200 gold (can be discussed) in order to store stuff in the Wardrobe. Able to store outfits but with a fee of 50
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