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  1. Game launcher stuck at logo and load forever

    I managed to get into the character selection screen after waited like 30 minutes at the logo there. However, after I selected the character it went into loading again. I have waited for like another 30 minutes but the loading bar is not moving at all. Is it normal to have such long loading time?
  2. Game launcher stuck at logo and load forever

    Anybody is having this issue? Am I supposed to fully download both parts before starting to play?
  3. Hi all, I have quitted BnS earlier on due to heavy school works and I wanted to restart all over again. I have checked all the requirements and I pretty sure my laptop has met the recommended specs (I am using the same laptop before I quitted to play and it was working perfectly earlier on). I finish downloaded the first part and the launcher told me that it is playable so I launched the game. However, it just stuck at the BnS logo and load forever. The game was working on my laptop when it is using game guard and I realized that it changed to XIGNCODE3, could that be a reason? If so, how do I resolve it? Thanks in advanced!
  4. SEA/OCE servers or Skill Queue

    SEA server +1!! Btw, just checking with you that the Taiwan channel mentioned really did have a decent amount of English speaking players? Let's say how much out of random 100 players? I am am thinking to restart from there as I've had enough with the community here.
  5. Stop destroying the in-game economy

    First thing first, learn the facts that the world doesn't revolve around you. If you don know, go back to kindergarten please. Secondly, this is what you get from overpricing the moonstone in marketplace. YOU, bunch of selfish pricks farmed at SSP and overpricing the moonstone cause you want more income. At the same time, have you thought of those new player who hit dead end in gear progressing due to the overpriced moonstone? Just suck it up, selfish prick.
  6. why are ap elitists a thing lmao

    Well, I didn't meant to get a free ride. What I meant is new players need some chances to learn from those elite players on the mech rather than being turned down. We know that you've been thru the hard times to reach the elitist level, my respect for you, but why not just help out new player once or twice so that they could experienced the mech rather than being turned down by the AP requirement? Still, the AP requirement to join certain dungeon run for me is total bullshyt. Well, short words, the community is toxic enough.
  7. "For player only", FYI, we were once a part of the game also, just that we were away from it temp or maybe perm as we just came back to check on forum sometimes to see if thrs any updates that will lure us back to the game. I believe that still a valid reason for us to be ur so called "player", ain't it? Just stop ur WK already bud.
  8. FYI, I grinded too and I am not that type of player who wanted to max gear in one day. Easier say than do bud, have you came cross those hard dungeon where it's nearly impossible to solo at low low level? You spent more than one hour waiting and shouting for pt to clear together and yet no one answered? It's as if you are talking to the wind. TBH, they should hv make those dungeons difficult scaling by the number of players in pt man. Im so glad that I've quit as my life is getting cheerful without all the frustrations from BnS.
  9. moonstones on hongmoon store run ppl now n buy

    Typical greedsoft moves, don ya think? Instead of increasing the drop rate, they increase the cash rate. I am so glad that I've quit already. * laughed so hard and flies away.
  10. Quit BnS, enough said. Although I missed the graphics and controls, it was undeniably the best graphic designs and control among all the games if played, but my life was definitely less pissed after I quit. Trust me bro, uninstall it and welcome to the cheerful side. I am so glad that I've quit it.
  11. Quit BnS, enough said. Although I missed the graphics and controls, it was undeniably the best graphic designs and control among all the games if played, but my life was definitely less pissed after I quit. Trust me bro, uninstall it and welcome to the cheerful side.
  12. My laptop fan spins really fast and loud when I launch BnS. It wasn't that loud compared to Dragon Nest, Aion and Aika. My laptop specs is i5 core, 4GB RAM. There is a time when I played BnS and the launcher freeze and then my laptop auto shut down. I have checked my laptop temperature, it was about 60 Celsius when I launched BnS, it does not exceed 80. Just checking that is it an overheating problem and is it safe to play since the fan is so loud? I do not want to spoil my laptop anyway. Any PC savvy mind to advice? Thanks in advance.
  13. Is it safe to top up now?

    Just checking if is it safe to topup NCoin now? I mean is the service stable now? Because I have seen multiple threads saying that the topup amount won't go through and NCSoft is not replying them to resolve the problem. This will be my first time topping up though. Anybody who has been successfully topped up or having issue with topup mind to share? Thanks in advance.
  14. May I know how many hours more till the server maintenance? I am from GMT +8 and I not sure how to track the server time as I am from different timezone. Thanks in advance.
  15. How to make FM less squishy

    I have some questions regarding FM. How is FM a tank? Mine is just way too squishy. Remembered the place where there is a mushroom that randomly pull you out of nowhere, twin blader and predators sort of mobs? It's the top left area of the map along the way outside Altar of Champion, man, I almost died from heart attack at that particular place. My FM can just died from a few hits from them. At there, I've hit my bottleneck as I do not know how do I proceed. Then, I just sit down eat dumpling after 2-3 mobs and clear my way from there and I hope my life as a FM would be better. But man...Boghon Hideout, the place where you get the earring or necklace breakthrough, can't really remembered that. The first time I tried solo-ed it, but wew man, FM too squishy. Then I duo with a level 34 BM, she took the right mage and I took the left mage, all was good but BAAAM, the mage respawn out of sudden. And same thing goes again, we both get wiped. Just wondering that if all the classes are suffering from the places I mentioned above? or just FM? My FM is with the up-to-date gears and Blight soul shield, currently level 34 with 5.2k HP. I've checked already, even if I changed to the soul shield from Yehara, it at most give me about 1k more HP which doesn't help as each hits from the mobs took me about 20% of the HP. So, my question is, how do I make my FM less squishy? I've enough of these, I wanted to play Destroyer but looking at the threads regarding melee hard to farm for level 50 weapon mats, nevermind, I will just stick to ranged but man, I kept dying as a FM. When I solo boss, yes I did kite, X then LMB + RMB + 2 rinse and repeat. 5 embers then 1. X finish cd, rinse and repeat. But I just don't understand that some players meant FM as a tank when she's so squishy. I knew that there are a lot of expert FM players out there as the server is mostly FM/WL/SM. So, expert advice, please and thank you.