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  1. ue 4 release - 45lvl server -new class

    It's the same management/dev team so no matter what you'll have the same issues that are present today; miscommunication issues and overall lack of giving af. So with that being said, and known, unless they sell the IP to a company that has gaming experience then we will continue to have the same issues we have right now,
  2. brazilian server

    Learn to use search since this has been answered at least 27 times. tl;dr: your market is to small so the answer is no
  3. Wonderful Patch

    fwiw they increased the success rate of pts a bit and minimized some of the mat lose on a fail.
  4. Lyn Archer

    The cycle is release op broken class w/ Trove -> release Lyn version w/ RNG boxes-> nerf op broken class
  5. Do you even care at this point?

    NCW has already responded in this post so need to keep asking.
  6. Liberty Tokens not tradeable

    So 9 months from now. It is meant to make you continuously grind old content.
  7. Expired Treasure Trove Keys

    You out of luck.
  8. Ideas to improve game

    Step 1: sell the IP to a company that has gaming experience. No step 2
  9. Easy mode. Really?

    They already made it very clear they don't test anything and expect us to test it for them for free.
  10. Revert patch changes please ....

    I see the same people are still white-knighting even after this disastrous mess. Good job!
  11. I wonder whether to come back to the game?

    They can't fix this broken game engine, which they have been proving since launch. PvP basically died around the time PvP gear was introduced, now you need less skill and more dollars spent to PvP.
  12. Whats going on? :O

    It's the horrible net coding they use, your ping will be all over the place.
  13. I don't foresee this being fixed anytime soon.
  14. This update is terrible.

    Submit a ticket.
  15. Wing Drop Rate Probably 0.1% at Best

    Did you expect it would be higher when the drop rate on the maple leaf is <12%?