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  1. i lol'd someone needs to get off the internet..
  2. Is this ribbon not currently available in the game? would have thought it came with the swimsuit.
  3. Ariana grande shouldnt be able to wear bikinis. She has breasts but she looks like a child :(...
  4. I'm not outraged at all >:D I dont play lyns I find scummoners cancerous and I'd rather have a yun fm I just find it amusing how people are so offended at the thought of lyns having breasts because they are "Children"
  5. Answer me this simple question if lyn are children how do they mate :( is that perverted as well? maybe the whole race should be removed ^_^ its an abomination right? that 5 year old master hong :( how dare he mentor us when hes just a child
  6. Honestly the people who are getting offended over lyns having breasts are just childish lmao get over it. If it "disturbs" you so much dont buy it. will NC force you to look at them? In order to progress to legendary 4 you must find a lyn zoom in and stare at its chest. Really lmao if you cant handle pixels without getting butt hurt maybe you were allowed to come onto the internet too soon.
  7. Well we do have this one which is an awful "kimono" when the jins outfit is extremely short and the gon is just pathetic meanwhile yuns get a perfect one.. We also had this costume designed for a contest (you can see its a drawing) but clearly It did not win because stuff like night luna and regium corvus were too amazing to pass up ^_^ even tera has cute kimono concepts not sure if they ever added it So we can have bikinis/ nurse outfits/ Christmass costumes/ hello kitty/ baseball / JAPANESE SCHOOL UNIFORMS/ bu
  8. MAKE THE FOLLOWING ACCOUNT BOUND: Hongmoon Earing Hongmoon Ring Hongmoon Necklace Hongmoon Bracelet Hongmoon Belt Siren Emblem Pirate emblem Freezing orbs Stop making this game even more cancerous then it already is. I guarantee if you make these SMALL CHANGES THAT WILL NOT HURT YOU people will be more inclined to play and even makes alts as they will not constantly have to start from scratch and quit..
  9. I mean it seems quarterly yeah but since the first one was released "April 13-27" would make more sense for it to come in July April Spring trove July Summer trove October Fall trove January Winter trove
  10. How does that make any sense at all? would your Clan mate be running around on his soulfighter with a bangle or sword? if anything they would agree to move the accesories but NOT the weapon as he wouldn't be able to use it anyway..
  11. They will not reply to you it's like how some people got gems transferred while some others were refused
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