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  1. It doesn't but there are people who like big and crowded clans so we can't just say no to a friendly person. The smaller faction is a problem though. I don't know how we can fix the difference in amount of people. In a different game (Aion) they gave boosts to the players of the smaller faction but I don't know if that is going to work here, but is it a real issue in BnS? I haven't heard big complains about the amount of players in each faction.
  2. Right now, we keep getting more and more active members from other clans (ceruleans who want to get crimson before merge and other inactive clans). So almost everyone is active. And if we start kicking inactives, it would only be like 4-8 people.
  3. As some may have noticed, the competitive clans have a limited capacity of 80 players. For some clans (mine including) this isn't enough when almost every clan member is active and there are others wanting to join your clan too. So with the coming of the next server merge I thought it would be nice if the clan limit capacity is increased from 80 to a higher number (e.g. 100) and for that I suggest the last 2 ranks of the competitive clan system (rank 14 and 15) get the benefit to increase the clan limit with 10 players on every rank. So a competitive clan at rank 15 would allow 100
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