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  1. It’s a simple answer to a complex problem, but at the end of the day it’s a for profit company. Accusing ncsoft of doing something wrong for making the for profit decision is just as ignorant as their simple answer. Bottom line is if it doesn’t make a profit the game won’t be here. You should be grateful they did anything effective. 99% of the people whining are the ones the rule was intended to effect. Isn’t it strange also how the one defending multi tool and discrediting all of people against it is also a mod on the discord for multi tool, bud
  2. Uhhh please take your F2P rant somewhere else, this thread is not about that, nor em I F2P. This is about a problem with clan 6v6 only. They have fixed it in other games by requiring that a person be in a clan for a week before they are allowed to pvp with said clan. They did this specifically for this reason and this is what needs to be applied here. Its not even fun for either group because the group that has a true rank that reflects their gear and skill level, just gives up and stands there.
  3. Seriously broken, instead of playing against people with similar experience and gear. You have these whales making alt clans literally hours before clan versus clan starts. Just to farm everyone with no gear.... Its pathetic, but to be expected of people. Feel proud of yourselves, your just ruining the game for others.
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