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  1. all these people complaining about RNG of a legendary necklace although.... they are right there should be various ways to receive the current best item in the game as long as these ways are not "easy". I sometimes wonder if they ever stop to think about the frustrations of the people who have not even attempted or tried to dung yet because of gear requirements and toxic community. O wait I forgot there is no new people in BnS Carry on.
  2. I agree with you Thats the sad truth, out of 6 people, only 1-2 people really needs to do the "flowers" and pop the antidote... if your group is exp you don't even need the antidote, that is why I think they created the dung and did not make the "antidote" mandatory like ivory dragon scale..... because its not "required" to start/finish the dung it just helps you finish the last boss smoother and easier.
  3. Can someone explain to me what they KFM change is? I dont get it... is it a nerf or buff?
  4. I also agree there should be some type of limit to rejoin the same lobby group if you are kicked, Whats the point of kicking someone if they are just going 2 spam rejoin over and over to annoy you. I disagree on the longer matchmaking for the sake of not letting people you have blocked in your party.... that is like getting rid of one problem and starting another, it fixes nothing and I dont think anyone is going to enjoy waiting 5 or 10+ min to find a group...... +1 to be able to see an icon on someone in lobby if you have blocked them, and.... please ncso
  5. I legit did not know you could pass on all, I always press pass on every single item on the list, thank you! I am enlightened.
  6. Yeah a reminder would be nice, don't really want them to make it mandatory ... if they do this they should give us the option to buy the antidote from the merchant or inside the dung/ect. I always forgot to bring or buy antidote, so I end up tanking like 2-5 flowers with pots and general healing via skills throughout the entire fight so I don't be "that guy"
  7. Also another thing you can do is go into a portal that leads to another area of the dung(before the bidding ends). but yeah the best thing to do is manually type your bid instead of pressing "Y"
  8. me: 0runs and 0necklace 4man or 6 man? and yes if you have truly run the dung 179 times and not one single Drakan necklace has dropped you should unistall :P is it really that rare? I have seen a few people in cross server with the legendary necklace
  9. yeah I think they will go up after the event is over. Hopefully the price of scale will in the future be close too if not equal to the income gained from the dung(daily gold) so that the people who used their scale dont feel used and abused, specifically when someone hijacks their "loot".
  10. The old man cho quests are there for a reason they are suppose to teach you the basics of jumping and flying before the real hard stuff starts. BTW they do get a bit worse as the game progresses so if you cant handle something simple as climbing a tree or wall, then this might not be the game for you. Naryu Lab is hard because people rush and fly threw it, finished the dung in like 5min with a 600+ AP party the other day. The community and most people dont give a fuk about new players so its not your fault in your regard. my advice is: take your time, and I suggest pra
  11. I use fire build too because its easier for me and I am used to it I also wonder sometimes why people use wind over fire in pve btw do you have the asura ember hongmoon skill?
  12. yeah, you are right its easy to tell in some dungs such as Necro because they walk threw the first set of mobs instead of "flying", I also notice the "obvious signs"... but its not 100% fool proof like I stated from my example. also not much you can do about afk people, if BnS implements kick feature, I am sure someone somewhere will find a way to exploit/ abuse it. All these problems originate from the lobby feature, which is 100% great and a time saver.... Imagine how long it would take trying to manually find 5 other people that want to do a dung with you like the
  13. if only the obvious afkers and bots were so obvious. The other day I though we had a bot in our 6man dung soguns run, so I called him/her out and guess what turns out they were a real person /shock. p.s. I think there is also an option to auto decline guild invite, correct me if I am wrong.
  14. I also notice it although it is rare on my KFM , its not just a range thing. shoudnt this be in the "bug" section on the forums???
  15. I agree, your post remind me of my "nub days" have similar issues, hell still have same kind of problems from time to time. I think it would be cool to show how many times a person has done the dung , but no idea how they would implement such a thing. +1 on the profile pic XD just a question: did you guys do mechs wrong or something? usually people dont say anything untill someone messes up at something then all hell breaks lose lol
  16. before the patch as a KFM I would also initially get aggro from Bm's and then lose it after a bit, especially if they were higher stats/ap and guessing more skilled. but now I am losing aggro to 500's and I am in the 600ap range now theres no way a 500AP bm should be taking aggro from me. Thank you for explain how your threat works, makes sense now, you guys use 300% skills in addition the regular 150% to stack it, KFM threat skills also got buffed btw, i think its 30secs on counter now and 15sec on the rmb Yeah, most of the BM's I have face
  17. KFM are strong regardless of AP/Gear/lvl due to searing palm buff and blue buff. The only way a KFM can be weak if he/she has ping issues(aka every class) and has not learned/master the pve rotations of the class(how to stack searing palm), which is not that hard after you get used to it. IDK, skill lvl and luck has to be taken into account. id put my monies on Shiro :D I just dont understand why I cant keep aggro vs a BM anymore. If BnS is going to increase their DPS why not lower there Threat....at least then as a KFM I can compete. I play KFM tank I am
  18. thank you, reading this gives me more courage to try it :D
  19. Hello. I am a KFM Tank , 600AP , I want to try the new dung, but unsure if it is possible for me... I have tanked every 4man dung except for Masts in the game, I average around 10k DPS in 4mans, and can usually keep aggro from 700's legendaries on a good day. further stats: 122%acc, 57%crit rate/ 212%crit damage/ around 70khp ect ect I have watched a few vids/read a few things about the dung... the thing is... I am wondering if I will be dead weight, not the type to "get carried". should I wait till i get 650+ AP?, or go
  20. I agree with you that BM's needed the buff because compared to KFM's they was trash before the patch. It does not matter to me if KFM is faster or BM is faster, what matters to me is that a 500AP bm can steal my aggro when I am at 600AP, I have a problem with that, Also I want you to know that if I use personal blue buff instead of party buff I can make BM's look like trash. Usually I don't do that because I know the party DPS is more valuable than my personal DPS. My issue here is.... was BM "overbuffed"? In my opinion yes they were because they can tank
  21. I dont know if your just ignoring my points on purpose or what First question: Do you think that BM where Buffed on this patch? Second question: Do you think that they were "overbuffed" do you think it is ok for a class known as a tank to be one of the top DPS classes?
  22. #1 Thats Naksun...... #2: is it normal for a BM with 645 AP to have 46% critical rate? just wondering, never played BM before #3, have soul burn + blue buff in party, im shure you could reach 20+K your welcome.
  23. Most players don't solo high end dungs in this game, we work as a team of 4 or 6. This is where our DPS matters, the vid in invalid regardless if this is the best BM in the world, or the worst BM in the world, I honesty don't even care to watch it nor will(the vid). I will watch any and all vid that have 4 players in them showing DPS specifically ones with BM's near or at the top. What your trying to say with this vid is "If over-geared BM's who solo Masts cant reach 41k dps, then there is no problem with BM's DPS" This is not true, I have personally seen BM's outdps
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